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Catching Some Rays


Things are crazy at work now days. The energy industry has just gone plum crazy. I had a working lunch meeting with some customers who flew up from Houston today. We meet and eat sandwiches during the meeting. I do that a lot a now. Packing more business into the day. Well, we had a good meeting and after they left I looked out the window and its a beautiful day. Time for a quick round to see what is going on.

#downtown_tulsa has their christmas_tree up

I headed over to out beautiful BOK Center. Tulsa has their Christmas Tree up already. It seems a little early to me.What do you think. So many facebook friends are bragging about their Christmas trees. Hey what about Thanksgiving?

#ice #rink #cooling tubes #tulsa

As an engineer I had to check out the refrigeration for the temporary ice rink going in. I think it will work. What do yo think?

#tulsa #convention #center reflections

I went by the adjacent Convention Center and caught a couple of reflections.


I love reflections.

#downtown_tulsa #geocaching - do you see the container?

I went looking for a geocache that has eluded me. I found it! Do you see it? Want a clue? I’ll give it to you anyway, it is right in the center about a quarter of the down the middle of the pic.


On the way back to the office I took another shot of the BOK Center.

Back to work, helping solve America’s energy problems.

Signs, Signs- Deep Downtown Tulsa

I get off work at 6 pm so it is pretty much dark when I get off work these days. So I’ve been seeking out some neon signs on the way home.


I really like the Atlas Life Building’s Sign. I just wish they could light up the globe that Atlas is straining to hold up.


If you back up a little bit on Boston Avenue it makes Tulsa look like a regular city. Tulsa already has their snowflake Christmas lights up.


Even the building next to my parking space looks metropolitan.


Speaking of globes the Tulsa World’s sign lights up the globe and the globe even rotates.


For those who are overwhelmed by the prospect of holding up the world they can go drown their troubles at Orphas. Tulsa highest class dive bar.

Signs, Signs

A Walk Downtown

We had a cold spell last week in Tulsa. At lunch one bright, sunny, bitterly cold day I bundled up and took my new Diana, low tech, low res, 35mm film camera on a walk.


First thing was some crane action going by our building. My employer bought the building last year and has been making a bunch of updates since then.


A little bit further on is Tulsa’s BOK Center designed by Cesar Pelli (Thanks Sydney for pointing out my error). Some call it the hubcap, others say it looks like a roll of duct tape. No matter, since it opened a few years ago we have had some wonderful concerts come to town that we were missing before. I love it.


The sky was very blue and very clear. I love it when fronts come through in the wintertime. Afterward its like the air was swept clean.


I’m not sure what is going on here. Somebody is putting a lot of work into this mural. I love murals. I’ll be checking on this one to see what is going on.


A sculpture honoring firefighters. Firefighter’s are awesome.


A sculpture put up by our local newspaper, the Tulsa World, honoring paperboys. I don’t think they have had paperboys in the sense of kids who sell newspapers or run a route for decades but I guess that it is good to honor them. With my digital cameras I could put a little zoom action on the photo. With my Diana I just have to take what I can get. I didn’t want to walk in the planting area or duck under their security gate to get closer.

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