15 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – “Q”

  1. Gaelyn

    I love the colors in all of those and would gladly have one on my bed. I do have an old and beautiful quilt on loan from a friend. I so admire the work put into these yet have no desire to make one.

  2. DeniseinVA

    I love quilts and my favorite is one that an aunt of Gregg’s made for us a couple of Christmas’ ago. It is all hand-sown and by far my favorite. I have bought store-bought quilts that don’t have aunt’s uniqueness but I still like them. The ones in your photo are lovely. As you say, works of art!

  3. Laloofah

    What a pretty photo! My favorite quilt in your photo is the one on the right (I’m a sucker for bright colors!) My favorite quilt of my own is my great-grandmother’s, which hangs on a wall in our home, and a beautiful dragonfly quilt my best friend made me several years ago. She is an amazing quilter, her quilts always win prizes in big shows, so I am honored to have it! (I can’t quilt a stitch, myself!) 🙂

  4. Ellen

    As soon as I’m done with school (21 more weeks) I’m going to start quilting. I’ll never have anything as nice as these, but it will be a fun hobby.

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