Skywatch – Training Run on the River


I take off work early on Wednesdays to run a long ways on the Arkansas River Trails here in Tulsa. I’m training for Tulsa Run 15K the last weekend in October and half marathon segment of the Route 66 Marathon to be held in November. I’m a little nervous, I haven’t run a half marathon since the 1990’s! So this will be my first of the new millennium  This pic is from last week about 3 miles into my 8 miles that evening. I used to take my camera with me but I now have an Ipod Touch with a pretty darn good camera, for a music player, don’t you think?

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19 thoughts on “Skywatch – Training Run on the River

  1. Daryl

    i think running (and walking) are great ways to get exercise and see what’s around you .. and the camera(s) in the Touch and the iPhone are as good as a point and shoot

  2. Barb

    So lightweight but a heavy-hitter! I only take my phone now if I want to run or walk fast. Good Luck with your training Yogi. That sunset probably put a spring in your step.

  3. Leedslass

    I also think that sky shot looks a lot like a camel – I’m not at all sure I could run and look around me to take pictures – multi tasking. Clever you.

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