Wednesday Signs – Pike Street Market’s Neon Signs

Back to Seattle, sorry. The big tourist destination on the waterfront in Seattle is Pike Street Market. It buzzes all day every day and shuts down completely at 6 PM. Everybody talks about the fish. And yes there is fish everywhere.


I loved the neon signs. They are everywhere and they are big and brash. There is lots going on so they have to be seen. No sign is seen better than a neon sign.


Signs, Signs

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16 thoughts on “Wednesday Signs – Pike Street Market’s Neon Signs

  1. Sylvia K

    You already know that Pike’s Market is one of my favorite places!! The best food, fruits, veggies, flowers, you name it and it is always an adventure to go there because you never know what else you’ll find!! I’m just so pleased that you enjoyed your visit here so much!!!

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