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Foto Friday Fun (on Tuesday) – Joe Perry’s Guitar


I take a lot of photographs. I have almost 48,000 of them on Flickr and I am adding more all the time from my “good” camera, my point and shoot, my Ipod, and cell phone plus I scan in my film photos and I’m in the process of scanning in lots of pics from our family shoebox archive.

So I don’t remember taking this shot of Joe Perry’s guitar at the Tulsa History Museum almost four years ago. I do remember the exhibit, kind of. (Joe Perry is the lead guitarist of Aerosmith.) I have never been much of an Aerosmith fan but I do respect their music. I just don’t like it very much.

I rediscovered this when I was searched my Flickr feed for 7364 which is this week’s number in Gaelyn’s Foto Friday Fun.  I know that it is Tuesday, not Friday, but that is the way it worked out this week for me.

Foto Friday Fun (on Monday)


Fellow blogger Gaelyn has a interesting meme called “Foto Friday Fun” where she provides a number for participants to search their archives with in search of photographs. This week’s number is 72 and this is one of the pics that popped up. It is a fish (I have no idea what kind of fish) from a visit to the Oklahoma Aquarium back in 2010. I think the fish is checking me out as much as I was looking at him.  I love aquariums and ours is pretty good.

Foto Friday Fun

Foto Friday Fun – Unknown Lilac Automobile

This week I went the number 1500 in honor of Gaelyn, the Geopsy, aka Seasonal Park Ranger at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon’s 1500th post. As usual I’m a week or two late but at least I showed up. I put 1500 in my archive search function and this is what a I got!!


It’s a car, I know that, and it is purple or lilac or something. I’m not really sure. In fact I don’t even know what kind of car it is. I do know that I shot it at at the Leake Car Auction here in Tulsa a couple years ago. I like the looks of it though. So its kind of like “give me one of those.” Also, led lights for trucks exterior truck electrics can be bought here!

Somebody help me so Gaelyn will know what kind of car (photograph) that I’m giving her.

FotoFriday Fun

Foto Friday Fun – Dia de Los Muertos Edition

Day of the Dead Image cropped

This is a mural at Living Arts Space in Tulsa. It is part of the their “Day of the Dead” activities every year. You can read more about Dia De Los Muertos by following the link.

They change the murals ever year and I love them despite the morbid subject matter. You can’t tell the scale of the murals by looking at them but they are huge. Here is one from last year.

#selfie by Logan at #livingarts #mural #art #publicart #downtowntulsa #oklahoma #igersok

I am participating in Gaelyn’s Foto Friday Fun. Go check it out!

Foto Friday Fun – 918 Edition

#brick #reflections #downtown #tulsa #918

This is an office building in downtown Tulsa. I like to wander around town during my lunch hour taking photographs of what I see. I use a variety of cameras. I took this one with my Apple Ipod Touch using the Hipstamatic App. I love using different filters and effects and Hipstamatic has quite a few to play with. I’m not much of a purist when it comes to “SOOC” and I don’t think that the term has any meaning any more with all the various things that can be done “in camera” with images. I also love posting images on Instagram. Check the sidebar for my latest Instagram photos.

I’m participating with Gaelyn’s “Foto Friday Fun” meme. Go check it out, come up with a number and she’ll match the number with a photo from her archives. And her archives contain tens of thousands of great photographs.