21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Sunset on the River

  1. sylviakirk

    That is one glorious, awesome sky! And what a terrific capture for the day!! Isn’t it wonderful to be in the right place at the right time!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope your week is going well!!

  2. Birdman

    I’ve always been partial to sunrises. I’m a morning guy. Up at 5:30, like clockwork. What’s up with that. About your photo, “Hey save some orange for the rest of us!” Grin.

  3. Cathy Kennedy

    Gorgeous #SWF sky! I love the deep orange & red! It totally saturates the sky. I can almost feel the warmth from the sun and I can really use that this morning with the temp at 27°. I’m not ready for winter to set in, are you ? Have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. peppylady (Dora)

    Nice Sunset. Resently we haven’t had any pretty sun raise or set.

    But here in North Idaho we don’t have much sun shine, although north you travel you get less sunlight.

    Coffee is on

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