Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Doubling Up Edition

1. Double

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I love double exposures. This is one of my favorites of a cityscape doubled up with my office building which has lots of glass.  Double’s are a very hit or miss proposition. I go through lots of combinations before I find one that that I like.

2. Friday


Fridays, hmm, how about Friday Harbor up in the state of Washington. Ferries fascinate me. They really do. You have to have patience for ferries and I don’t have it.

3. Memories

Ellen Mom Dana at Beach

This is from a long time ago. My mother to the left in the white slacks, my sister Ellen to the right and Ellen’s daughter, my niece, Dana holding my mother’s hand on the shores of Galveston Island in 1978 or so. Now my mother has been gone a number of years and Dana is all growns up and married and is about to have a baby of her own. Life goes on you know!

4. Busy Day


This is  a very busy construction guy in downtown Tulsa. Don’t be bothering him because he is busy. And safe to with his helmet and everything. I like the barricade to ensure that nobody trips over him anything.

5. Where I Stand

Stand Up Paddlers

Well, this is where I was standing and I saw all these folks out on the water doing some stand up paddling. Boy I tell you the whole time we were in Seattle I was the only overweight person I saw.  I’d never seen so many people walking, running, sailing, biking, and paddling. It is a very active city.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

7 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Doubling Up Edition

  1. Gaelyn

    I’ve only tried double exposure a few times with very limited success. This shot is right on! Funny how the PNW is both kicked back and active. Sweet memories.

  2. Bob Scotney

    Paddling is all that would be possible on that waveless water. The workman is obviously filling in his time(sheet) for the day, all that’s missing are his ear defenders.

  3. Martha Jane Curtis

    Nice double exposure shot. Dad has a few good ones he took accidentally in the 60’s with his film camera. My favorite is small airplane and a deer in the same photo. Love the memories shot. The construction site photo is great.

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