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Tulsa Clark Theater’s “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Poster

The long awaited (at least in our family) opening night of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever happened Thursday night and it went very well. The kids really had the play down and things went relatively smoothly. At least to those of us in the audience it did. Heather and I worked the event. I worked the concession stand so I got see the performance. Heather worked the green room and even though they have a closed circuit feed back there she wasn’t able to hear Logan’s five lines. Such is community theater.


Logan plays the Reverend and did his few lines perfectly (in his Dad’s humble opinion). All the kids did perfectly although Heather tells me that one girl missed her cue because she was looking for her lost halo or something. I hope that she found her halo. I lost mine a long time ago and I know better than to go looking for it.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, or just BCPE as the staff calls it, is the story of the worst kids in the world, the Herdman kids, getting involved in a church Christmas play. It is very funny and entertaining and at just two relatively short but satisfying acts is a good evening out.


And of course the cast got a standing ovation, and the leftover popcorn in the concession stand. Me and the other “concession dad” took in seventy bucks or so from the concessions and sold some raffle tickets. Hey it all helps.

The play has two casts who alternate playing. Even with the two casts Logan has been pretty busy juggling long hours of rehearsals with his demanding schoolwork.  I can only imagine what the staff directing the play have gone through!!

So we are seeing the play Saturday afternoon with Logan’s grandmother and some aunt and uncles driving in from western Oklahoma. Then we’ll get to see it some more. I don’t mind. It’s worth it seeing Logan’s face after the performance.

Kudos to the staff for giving Logan a chance, and for working the long hours to get two casts in shape. Talk about a lot of hard work.

Timeless Sky

Woolaroc Sky Tree - Paint Shop

Over Thanksgiving my brother Bob came up from Corpus Christi and so he, Logan, and I went to Woolaroc for an afternoon. Woolaroc is oilman Frank Phillips old ranch and private museum up in Pioneer Woman country of Osage County. Woolaroc is a throwback to the 1920″s with rock buildings and barns and old craggy trees like the one above. I can’t get enough of it. This old tree is growing up right by the museum.

And…. in a totally non-related matter….

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Poster

Logan auditioned for and got a small part in Clark Theater’s “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” He, and the rest of the cast and crew have been working hard in rehearsals and their debut is Thursday. We are very excited for him. There is a bunch of family coming to see the production on Saturday and Heather and I will be seeing lots of the play in the coming week and a half. The production is almost all sold out. We are very glad to see this. The city almost succeeded in shutting the theater down but we got one more year and then we’ll see next year.

Heather and Logan #mother #son #protest #rally at #tulsa #cityhall keep #clarktheateropen

Here is Heather and Logan at city hall. Just goes to show that sometimes you can win fighting city hall.

So have you ever been on a protest at City Hall?

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Oklahoma! at Tulsa’s Clark Theater

Clarkies singing Oklahoma

We have been very busy lately, really busy. We weren’t too busy though to attend Clark Youth Theater’s performance of “Oklahoma!” the Rogers and Hammerstein Musical. It was fun and it was good. If you live in Oklahoma you should know the title song by heart because it is not only one of the great tunes of musical theater, it is also Oklahoma’s state song.

The musical is about optimism and hope, love, and good versus evil. it has it’s fun parts and it has it’s dark parts. The kids did a great job putting it on.  Logan wasn’t in it but he auditioned for and got a part in Clark’s Best Christmas Pageant Ever which is going to play several times in December.

In the meantime, if you live in the Tulsa area go see Clark’s Oklahoma! If you miss it, goodness forbid, go see Augustine Christine Academy’s production which I think is going to be in November. Or you know, you could go see both productions.

Or what the heck watch the movie version above?

I have seen Oklahoma! on stage only three times I think. The first time in Jackson, Wyoming back in the late 60’s. The last time maybe fifteen years ago here in Tulsa in an outdoor theater where they brought real horses on stage. It was cool,

Have you ever seen Oklahoma! live?