Hiking in Oxley Nature Center

I’m a little late in writing this post. Back during the Thanksgiving weekend my brother Bob drove up from Corpus Christi to spend the holiday with us. One day I took he and my son Logan to Oxley Nature Center here in Tulsa for a little hike.


They have a great nature center at Oxley with helpful people who will give you as much information as you need, everything from a map to helpful directions, and of course flush toilets. Right outside the door headed for the trails is this, an insect hotel. I think it is more like a homeowners nightmare. It is kind of cool though.


Oxley has a great variety of trails.


Even with a lot of people by the time you get a quarter mile away from the parking lot you hardly see anyone.


Oxley is kind of low and has lots of water even during the drought that we are emerging from.


It has a great variety of terrain from deep woods and brush to more open areas. We walked about four miles or so during a nice warm day.


it looks like a duck lost a battle after a furious fight.


I’m a geocacher and found one out in the brush while Bob and Logan waited on me (they don’t like geocaching.) We also passed this cache that I found several years ago. Nice to see that it is still there.


We liked all the benches and places to rest. Oxley is a great place to spend a nice afternoon.

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8 thoughts on “Hiking in Oxley Nature Center

  1. Michelle RamblingWoods

    Hello and welcome to Nature Notes… I enjoyed the hike and I want to add some kind of bee hotel to my yard next season… I have to go look up geocaching as I have heard of it, but not sure what it is… Michelle

  2. DrillerAA

    That is a great looking wood display. It might be an insect hotel, but it is a very cool bug bed and breakfast. Oxley may have to become your “Go to” place once the bull dozers take over Turkey Mountain. I’m still sad about that.

  3. apaley

    Do you ever get grey skies in Tulsa? Only kidding, I’m sure you do but you simply choose not to photograph them.

    A lovely set of winter pictures. Thank you.

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