Blue Monday – New Cat


As I’ve mentioned before. The stable where Logan rides has new cats, all males. Most of them are teenagers but there is this new one drinking from a blue bowl. He is another one who walks around the horses hooves without a concern in the world. I hope that he lives long enough to grow up. He is kind of a cute little guy.

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13 thoughts on “Blue Monday – New Cat

    1. yogisd7_wp Post author

      Heather has not seen the cat yet but keeps looking at the pictures saying “I have always wanted a little yellow kitty” So I don’t know where that cat is going to end up.

    1. yogisd7_wp Post author

      I am trying to keep Heather from going to the Stables Barb or else we will have a new cat.

  1. Anne

    What a adorable kitten! Watch out! They grow up and take over your life! LOL! My youngest son Nick has a beautiful long haired named Rose and my friend Jessica convinced me to add an orange kitty to my phamily! He think he owns me! HaHaHa! Mr. Kitty, he is very naughty!

    I like that blue bowl the kitty is enjoying. I missed linking with Blue Monday but put up soem blues today. Stop by if you can!

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

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