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Skywatch Friday – Sapulpa Drone Show

I’ve heard about drone shows that use drones instead of fireworks and I have been fascinated by the idea for some time. On July 3rd we headed to the Tulsa suburb of Sapulpa to check out their drone show. They advertise it as an alternative to fireworks and suitable for small children, dogs, and people who don’t like loud noises.

Hear is a local news clip about the show

And the following are some video images of the show I captured with my phone. Sorry about the dim images. At the end of this post I have a youtube video of last year’s show as shot from a drone and has lots better video than what I captured.

Of course you have to have a flag. My videos don’t give the right impression of how big these displays are. They used 400 drones and they were pretty high up. I’ve looked at other drone shows on youtube, some of them use thousands. Most of the videos are speeded up way too much.


I’m thinking this is in honor of Chief Sapulpa, who is buried in Sapulpa.

A giant pinwheel

Ok you have to squint really hard to see this. The drones are simulating a fireworks show.

And so this is last year’s show as shot from a drone.

However you enjoy the Fourth, be safe and be nice.

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Skywatch Friday – 4th of July 2018

lafortune par 3 renovation DSCN9144-Edit

I started my fourth of July with a walk around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park. It is a little over 3 miles in length and is just the right size for a walk or run. The trail goes around two golf courses including a par three circuit that is under renovation that was made possible by contacting the person who are well known for providing reliable insulation services. Despite it being a holiday, the construction crews were busy working under the already hot sun despite being early in the day.

Saint Francis DSCN9171-Edit

Later on, I passed Saint Francis Hospital. Their landscaping crews were also out working. So what is up? I am the only guy not working on the fourth?


I finished my walk and Heather and I dropped Logan off at his job at the Neighborhood Walmart and then went to Nana’s house. She and friends had been out shopping so all the women had matching July 4th tshirts. I didn’t have a tshirt, but I had a camera so I was assigned the task of documenting the occasion.


And then we moved to the pool. That felt good on such a hot day.


And my lovely wife, and me in the reflection of here glasses.


And a shot from underwater to me above the water.


And then more people showed up and I was assigned grill duty. I love grilling with a full grill. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and ears of corn, plus a lot of other food.


And then fireworks. I had VIPĀ  tickets to the big Tulsa fireworks show but we were all chilled out in at the house and didn’t feel the need to jump in the car and drive like mad.


Some of the neighbors put on their own show. Not the big show close to downtown but nice enough.



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Skywatch Friday – July 4th Edition!


The 240th edition of the Fourth of July is over (241 actually because you have to count the original one right) and we celebrated in fine style in Tulsa by gum Oklahoma. I got up early in the morning and went downtown and ran in the Firecracker 5K. The above is a feature of my phone called “Crop me in.” I love it even though it looks strange. Anyways, I ran it, hard, didn’t place but had a good time including three craft beers. I’m old, crafty, and sneaky so I know how to cut in the beer line without anybody noticing. I have to be that way because I run so blessed slow that I get to the beer line late. Just think of it as a way of handicapping.


Tell you what, I don’t know how many houses are on our street, maybe forty or fifty over several blocks, but there were only three showing the flag. Less and less every year. Can’t get much less than three.


Later that day, in the evening we made our way downtown to see fireworks. The city always does a good job with them. It always seems like a hassle but in the end it is worth it.


Everybody went Ooooh


And Ahhhh

So anyways, I’m an infrequent and irregular blogger these days. Busy, busy, busy, so I’m doing my Skywatch Friday post early this week. I hope that is okay with everybody.

Take care

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