Skywatch Friday – Sapulpa Drone Show

I’ve heard about drone shows that use drones instead of fireworks and I have been fascinated by the idea for some time. On July 3rd we headed to the Tulsa suburb of Sapulpa to check out their drone show. They advertise it as an alternative to fireworks and suitable for small children, dogs, and people who don’t like loud noises.

Hear is a local news clip about the show

And the following are some video images of the show I captured with my phone. Sorry about the dim images. At the end of this post I have a youtube video of last year’s show as shot from a drone and has lots better video than what I captured.

Of course you have to have a flag. My videos don’t give the right impression of how big these displays are. They used 400 drones and they were pretty high up. I’ve looked at other drone shows on youtube, some of them use thousands. Most of the videos are speeded up way too much.


I’m thinking this is in honor of Chief Sapulpa, who is buried in Sapulpa.

A giant pinwheel

Ok you have to squint really hard to see this. The drones are simulating a fireworks show.

And so this is last year’s show as shot from a drone.

However you enjoy the Fourth, be safe and be nice.

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18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Sapulpa Drone Show

  1. Ellen

    Looks like a great show! I would prefer a drone show to fireworks any day. Our zoo had a drone show with the zoo lights at Christmas time. It was mesmerizing. Happy fourth to all of you!

  2. Jennifer+Jilks

    It truly is a brilliant idea.
    Around here the noise of fireworks echoes around the lakes, and over to here. We aren’t on the lake. I just loathe it.
    Happy July 4th! 🎊 🎉

  3. Peter B.

    Wonderful idea, and hopefully something like this will be the future of how we celebrate the 4th. I love fireworks, but I hate how they impact air quality and the potential for wildfires. Have an awesome 4th!!

  4. Linda

    It’s such a brilliant idea. Better for pets and wildlife, not as polluting, and without the danger of starting a wildfire.

  5. Joyful

    A belated Happy 4th of July to you. I’ve only recently heard of Drone Shows. In fact one was held here in the past week but I didn’t get a chance to see it.

  6. Eileen

    Looks like a great fireworks show! I hope your 4th of July was great!
    Take care, have a wonderful day and happy weekend!

  7. A ShutterBug Explores

    Yep ~ would prefer the Drone show ~ fireworks are dangerous and loud and so many adults and children are adversely impacted ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Amy

    I think drone displays should replace fireworks, I’d love it if they did that here, there’s too many idiots doing silly things with fireworks.

  9. Lisa

    Impressive, but not the same as the “boom booms,” as we call them when they scare the dog. I would like it for OR to outlaw the sale of fireworks, too many stupid people even with the “safe” ones. Then, people bring the dangerous kinds in. I like the professional ones though. I can see the ones at the fairgrounds, or the tops of them over the trees, from my house.

  10. Alana

    So many advantages to drones, but I understand there are fewer such shows than last year. Apparently people want the booms. War veterans, dogs, people with breathing issues, people under red flag dry fire hazard warnings, and many more would do much better with drones, I’ve been to Washington DC twice on the 4th of July and saw the fireworks. After the first few minutes there is so much smoke you couldn’t even see a lot of the fireworks. I have a feeling the future will be hybrid displays (drones with fireworks). They did this briefly in New York City this 4th.

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