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Weekend Reflections – Christmas Lights


There is something out reflections at night when it is pitch black outside. It is very disorienting and beautiful at the same time.


Looking down into the water you don’t see the water, it seems like if you jumped in you would fall forever.

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Rhema Bible Training College Christmas Lights


Sunday after church I spent all afternoon putting our modest collection of lights up on the house. It always amazes me how long it takes to drag the stuff out, untangle everything, see what works and what doesn’t, run to the store to get what you need, drag the ladder out and then climb up and down the ladder a gazillion times. That takes 90% of the time, the rest of the time is actually putting up the lights. And then you get to make the adjustments and replace bulbs that decided not to light and well you know. Here we are.

So, we loaded up and and went to the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow to the campus of Rhema Bible Church¬†and their gift to the community of a pure over the top Christmas lights show. (And yes, check out the web site, don’t tell them Yogi sent you unless you want to be prayed over, a lot, and then escorted off the campus.)


Their web site say they have two million lights and that seems like an undercount to me. There are lights everywhere.


I hope they get a discount on their power bill because even with led’s I bet that Public Service Company of Oklahoma is keeping an extra generator going.

Gingerbread Man

They have trees wrapped and all sorts of characters like the gingerbread man above.


Heather and I liked the tree wrapped above with all different color lights. I wonder what the story is.


They do all this for free. It is just amazing and it is very popular.

Noah's Ark

And an ark.

Merry Christmas

And a Merry Christmas sign


And there is Logan and Heather. And no, she is not shrinking. It just looks like it.

Rhema keeps the lights going from 5:30 to 11:30 nightly through January 1. Go check them out if you are close.