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ABC Wednesday – N is for …


Lots of possibilities for N’s. How about a natural gas well!! Above is my son next to a wellhead in Western Oklahoma. A Colony Wash Shale well if you must know. And yes it was fracked. And because of that all the babies in Oklahoma are now born stark naked. Just ask Logan, he was born naked and was so embarrassed. I hope that hasn’t spread to where you live now. We have to stop them  frackers!! I was talking to a guy from California a while back and he was telling me how evil hydrocarbons are and how bad pipelines are and how we need to “disinvest” from all that. I asked him if he had a car. He told me he didn’t use hydrocarbons. His car was electric he told me all proud and everything. I let it go. I learned a long time ago to never argue with idiots. (And yes, I believe in human caused climate change, and that we need to reduce carbon emissions.)

Is being near the well dangerous you ask? I tell you what is dangerous. See that grate that my son is standing on. Take the grate off and climb down into the vault to check it out. Watch out for the slithery things that rattle. Those are dangerous. Stay out of that vault and you are safe. Just don’t mess with anything. Please!!


N is for New Orleans. Always.


N is for night time running. It always takes a little getting used to. Keep your wits about you is my advice.


N is for neon. Who doesn’t love Neon lights.

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ABC Wednesday – “O” is for………


In Oklahoma “O” is for Oil Wells!!! LIke this old well up in Osage County in the northeast part of the state.

Row Drilling into the Cana Woodford Shale

Or like these new wells being drilled into the Cana Woodford Shale in western Oklahoma.

Do you have oil wells where you live?

ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday – Expanse


“E” is For Expanse, the Wide Open Spaces. This week I drove from Oklahoma up to South Dakota and back to attend a family reunion. Driving through Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska and Kansas on the return trip it truly is amazing how big and Expansive the Great Plains are. They really are beautiful.

Have you been on a road trip lately? Where did you go? What did you see?

ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday – W is for …

If you are back from a beach vaation then W has to be Water!


We swam in it. SuperPizzaBoy is part fish I think.


We saw boats in it.


We even saw a few people even walking on water.


And then way far off we saw some ghostly sinister shapes on the water.


There were pelicans trying to catch dinner.


All sorts of foolishness was going on in the water. Not all of it can be explained. I mean I could explain it but you wouldn’t understand it. I took 616 photographs on our trip, 282 of them have a “water” tag.

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ABC Wednesday – “Q” is for ….

Q’s are really hard. I guess questions are Q’s but I don’t know how to take a picture of a question.


I finally found a Q last month in San Antonio. On the northern reaches of the Rivewalk way beyond the fancy hotels and cheesy restaurants, art museums, and expensive condo’s and where only homeless people, runners, geocachers, very lost tourists (I find some, or they found me, should have seen the look on their face when I told them that they had a two mile walk to the Alamo) and the park police roam I found a Quonset hut. I finally found a Q! I hope that you like it. I worked hard for it.

The tourists I found were not impressed. I told them, “Well if you don’t want to walk all the way to the Alamo, there is Quonset hut around the bend.”

#geocaching #riverwalk #san_antonio #texas

“Or you can go geocaching with me.”  They walked away acting like I was the strange one. At least I knew where I was, and everything there was to do. 

Wikipedia says that Quonset Huts were developed by the Navy during World War II for use as cheap, easily assembled buildings. The military built about 150,000 or so during the war and sold many of them to the public. They were first fabricated at Quonset Point in Rhode Island.

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