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Skywatch Friday – 4th of July and a bit of Art


It is incredible how they time the fireworks. Here is a double stack.

Of course this being an American blog, you can expect some fireworks as we celebrated the Declaration of Independence on July 4.


Triple Stack

A couple of my Brit friends posted “Happy Treason Day, You Ungrateful Colonists” on facebook. All in good fun of course. At least I think it was all in good fun.


Quadruple Stack!!!

Enough of fireworks!!! How about a stainless steel tree!!


Enough of fireworks and politics okay. How about a stainless steel tree?  It is a sculpture called “Yield” by the artist Roxy Paine installed at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Skywatch Friday – July 4th Edition!


The 240th edition of the Fourth of July is over (241 actually because you have to count the original one right) and we celebrated in fine style in Tulsa by gum Oklahoma. I got up early in the morning and went downtown and ran in the Firecracker 5K. The above is a feature of my phone called “Crop me in.” I love it even though it looks strange. Anyways, I ran it, hard, didn’t place but had a good time including three craft beers. I’m old, crafty, and sneaky so I know how to cut in the beer line without anybody noticing. I have to be that way because I run so blessed slow that I get to the beer line late. Just think of it as a way of handicapping.


Tell you what, I don’t know how many houses are on our street, maybe forty or fifty over several blocks, but there were only three showing the flag. Less and less every year. Can’t get much less than three.


Later that day, in the evening we made our way downtown to see fireworks. The city always does a good job with them. It always seems like a hassle but in the end it is worth it.


Everybody went Ooooh


And Ahhhh

So anyways, I’m an infrequent and irregular blogger these days. Busy, busy, busy, so I’m doing my Skywatch Friday post early this week. I hope that is okay with everybody.

Take care

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Our World Tuesday – Fireworks

Hey I know the Fourth of July is over. That is alright I’m still going to post fireworks pics from Tulsa’s fireworks show on the Fourth.


The show gets bigger and better every year and the fireworks ever more complex.


People show up and spend hours there picnicing and hanging out. We used to do that but we have figured out a way to get there late and leave early.  That leaves all sorts of time for people watching.


I love taking pictures of people taking pictures. Just so you know.


Like this, I’ve also captured the famous leaning tower of Tulsa. Don’t laugh too hard. A local lady got convicted of murder last year for pushing her husband out a window of that building.

Waiting for the #fireworks

Heather would never do that!! But I can’t tell what she is thinking right now. Oh well, back to the fireworks.


Like I said people show up all during the day, some spend hours out under the hot sun.


There is music and portapottys and lots of beer drinking.


The thing about fireworks show is that even though people come all through the day.

Tulsa's Freedom Fest Fireworks at Veteran's Park

As soon as the finale is over everybody goes home.

Did you go see fireworks this year? Or did you stay at home and terrorize the neighborhood dogs?

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