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IPhone Phriday – Gillette-Tyrell Building Lobby

Gillette-Tyrell Building

The lobby of the Gillette-Tyrell Building (sometimes called the Pythian Building) in downtown Tulsa, built in 1930. It was originally supposed to be 13 floors tall but they stopped off at three because of the economic crash. This was one of the first art deco buildings in Tulsa and one of the oldest left standing. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Check the Tulsa Preservation Commission for more information.

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This is my first Iphone Phriday post. I may have cheated a little bit. I don’t have an Iphone. I’m too cheap to get one. So I used a Pantech generic android phone. Then, I confess, I pimped the pic on PicMonkey. I am not ashamed although I freely admit I should be.

IPhone Phriday

Woodward Park Sculpture and Lomography with the Diana Mini Camera


Saturday I had a little time to myself while Logan was at his Improv Comedy class so I went to Woodward Park for a little geocaching and photography. My camera was the Lomography Diana Mini. It is a 35 mm film camera that has two modes. One of the modes is split frame where you can put two photographs on the same frame. Above are two sculptures side by side at the park.


The park has a network of trails that run through the azalea beds. I took pics of the trails ahead and behind me.


This is also a split frame mode photograph showing the mysterious funky little art deco memorial to Shakespeare. It was designed by Adah Robinson back in the 1930’s. She was an architect who is credit by some with the design of the art deco landmark, Boston Avenue Church.

Linnaeus Sculpture

The Diana Mini also has a full frame mode that is not quite full frame. It make square photographs. Did I say that the processing the camera’s film drives my Walgreens film guys either crazy or they love it? This sculpture is by Rosalind Cook of Carl Linnaeus at the entrance to the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens.

Poem's and Promises

This is another sculpture by Rosalind Cook called Poems and Promises. She donated it to the city in 2010. It sits in the Anne Hathaway Herb Garden. I just love this work.

Poems and Promises

This is a closeup.

So do you still use film cameras?

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Our World – Boston Avenue Church

Boston Avenue Church

Boston Avenue Church is a Methodist Church in Tulsa designed in the art deco style by Bruce Goff. It is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen and I’ve posted photographs of it several times. I took this picture from a window where I work. I cropped out the bottom a little because of some ugly rooftops that intruded in the photo.

We used to be members when we first moved to town and I can tell you that the interior of the building is as spectacular as the exterior. They used to have guided tours of the building every Sunday after the last service.

In a city known for its art deco treasures Boston Avenue Church is the masterpiece. Check it out if you ever make it to town. Tell them Yogi sent you.

Our World Tuesday

Our World – Boston Avenue Church

Boston Avenue Church

Boston Avenue Church is one of my favorite subjects and used to be the Yogi family church. It is an art deco design structure completed in 1929. The architects of the church are Bruce Goff and Adah Robinson. The interior is just as beautiful as the interior. If you want to see it the Church offers tours after the 11 AM service on Sundays.

Our World Tuesday

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