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Trees of the Season

Christmas Living Room 2013 Edited

Heather has been working on the house both inside and out. Above is our living room. She makes works hard to make a very festive yet welcoming room. You can tell that LJ, the cat on the hearth is pretty happy with the result. He and Chrissy the Christmas cat take turns on the hearth. Or more precisely he gets the hearth until she kicks him off of it. 


Heather also decorated the outside. I put the lights on the eaves and Heather added the lights on the shrubs and wrapped the trees. Plus she put the tree in up the dining room window. I did a lot, I promise. Just because you can’t see what I did doesn’t mean that I didn’t do it. Or something like that.


This is the dining room tree that you could see through the window. It is our “old” Christmas tree recycled.


And this is my Nana,the world’s greatest MIL tree, or more precisely one of her trees. She loves the Gulf Coast so she has a palm Christmas trees complete with a flamingo. Works for me.


Oh, you thought she had just one tree, no, sorry this is sitting room tree in front of a window. 


Two trees you thought, sorry, this is her third tree. I like it best ofher trees. So territorial looking. Notice the stove, it is from one of her forbearers who were Oklahoma pioneers. It’s the real deal, but it is not hooked up to a flue. So no fires in it for now. In her previous house she had it hooked up and used it for heat once in a while when it got frosty.

Do you have a tree up yet? I mean if you celebrate Christmas.

Philbrook Museum of Art’s 2013 Festival of the Trees

Tree Collage 4
(I have decided that I like trees with bosoms. What about you? The tree at lower right was made out of recycled materials. I don’t know about you but we recycle our tree ever year. Yep, we pull it out of the attic and put it back ever year.)

Saturday afternoon Heather, Logan, and friend Patty took the world’s greatest Mother in Law, Nana to Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art for some lunch and to see the Philbrook’s Festival of the Trees.

Tree collage 3
(These are nice but I don’t thing the kid is buying these kind of trees. Plus where would I hang my Dallas Cowboys ornament. I have a hard enough time sneaking it on the tree every year. Heather has no problem making sure that it goes on the interior side of the tree facing the wall.)

The Festival of the Trees is something I look forward to every year. The trees are all very creative.

Modern Christmas Trees
(These are unbreakable trees. You could use them for Christmas trees during the season and for traffic barricades off season.)

I don’t think that I would really want one of these in the living room but they are fun to look at.

Collage 1- cowboy tree
(You may have figured out that I’m a new subscriber to picmonkey dot com and by gum I’m going to get my money’s worth. Yep, so expect a torrent of collages and treatments. I’m not a huge fan of so called SOC. so leave me alone.)

One tree was a cowboy tree. It didn’t photograph to well as a whole but I loved the wire and rope ornaments.

Gingerbread Collage 2
(I just wish I could eat some of this stuff. I’m a big fan of gingerbread. I’m afraid that they might be a little stale and taste like Elmers.)

The gingerbread houses are also a favorite of mine.

Gingerbread Collage 1
(Ah, some favorites here. The top left was done by some kids in a class at Logan’s school. Top right is of Holy Family Cathedral where I was forbidden by a member to take photographs of the church. And that is why I’m going to hell when I die. I’m going to have lots of company though. Bottom right, Girl Scout Cookies!!!!!, bottom right is actually the gardens at Philbrook museum. Cool.)

It doesn’t take too long to go through both the trees and gingerbread houses.


One of the gingerbread exhibits getting lots of oohs and ahs with this scene of Tulsa. You get a whole tour of the city with this. From upper left clockwise to lower right you have the Golden Driller, the Blue Dome, the Mayo Hotel, and the BOK center. The Christmas tree and ice rink are the Winter Festival. This was nice but…


This was my favorite. Santa needs to go on a diet and so does Yogi.


Nana however is looking great!! Happy Birthday Nana!!

Our World Tuesday

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Hey it’s Christmas

It’s Christmastime at the Yogi’s. We got the tree down and put it up. It’s all prewired which is wonderful. As long as it works. Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy are in charge of decorating the tree except for the most important ornament.


It goes up first. For some years now I’ve wanted it to be at the top of the tree. Lots of people put stars at the top. In fact I put it up there and down it goes. Sweetie has a very nice angel that goes on top instead of the star.


Sweetie’s angel is very nice but what do you think of my angels? You can tell that they like stars. They got them all over their outfits. I bet they would vote to put the star on top of the tree.

Cowboy's Cheerleaders

Actually, you know how women team up. I think they would vote with Sweetie.


Sweetie has lots of ornaments that remind of Christmas’s past. This is SuperPizzaBoy way back when.


Now look at him!


We also have an ornament with Sweetie’s Dad, “Boompa.” This will be the fifth Christmas without him. We all miss him very much. Nobody loved Christmas more than Boompa.

Snowman Family

Sweetie loves snowmen. We have lots of them, especially in sets of three. Its kind of a symbol of our family.

Snowman Family 2

Except, the littlest snowman is going to be bigger than the other two here anytime.


Anyways, its Christmas and you know the rule. As far as I’m concerned though, I wish the person holding the sign would read it herself. Just saying.


Not everybody is so happy about Christmas as we are.

I hope that everybody has a great Christmas!

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