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Friday Fences – Old Fence at Woolaroc

I’m a fan of old wooden fences. Modern fencing with either barbed wire or welded pipe I’m sure is a lot easier and cheaper to install than wooden fences but they just don’t have the same look to them. I mean, I’m a blogger so the whole world is about me right?

Fences 1

Woolaroc, in northeast Oklahoma has lots of old wooden fence remnants. The ranch has bison and cattle so the ranch has some very stout fencing to protect wandering bloggers from the the critters, or maybe the other way around perhaps. The ranch was busy that day because Phillips Petroleum Company was having their employee picnic that day and traffic was heavy so the ranch had all these guys in four wheelers going here and there making sure traffic was flowing.  I was stopped on the side of the road taking some pictures of these fences when one of the friendly guys drives up and says: “You don’t need to park there, we have plenty of parking further up.” and I said “I know, I was just taking pictures of this old fence of yours.”

Woolaroc Fences 2

So he gives me that look that country people all over the west give idiots, bloggers, tourists, democrats, and other people of questionable worth, he smiles, starts to say something, stops, then says okay, shakes his head, waves and drives off.

Friday Fences

Friday Fences – Flashback


Another one of my Dad’s slides from the early 1960’s that I scanned during my recent visit with him. He wasn’t sure just what this was a picture of but I loved the log fence and the cabins. We speculated that the mountains in the background were the San Francisco Peaks in northern Arizona but who knows. I  love the mystery of it all.

Friday Fences