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ABC Wednesday – N is for New Orleans

This week, “N” is for New Orleans for me. I was in the Bayou City for a few days almost a year ago.


I just loved the sights and sounds of the city.


The great variety of people and the classic scenes.


New Orleans really is timeless.


There is a surprise around every corner and usually a party.


Have you ever been there?

ABC Wednesday

Thank you Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Outsides, Backsides, and More

I’m linking up again with AshleySisk dot com’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday where she provides five scavenger hunt items to hunt for ever week. It’s tough and challenging and also a lot of fun to see how the various participants interpreted the items. There are lots of creative photographers that participate (and then there is me.)

Without further ado, lets get to work.



I’m happiest outside, headed down a trail. In the woods during Autumn is wonderful but not necessary. The beach, a praire, a city park, downtown, I’m not picky. I love to walk and check things out.



I’m fascinated by alleys, the backsides of building. The front side is where the money is spent and customers come and go. The back is where the electricity and gas connections are, deliveries sent and received, and where the dumpsters are. The alleys are generally a lot more interesting than the front.

3.Little Things


I’m a geocacher. A high tech treasure hunt where “caches” are hidden and the GPS coordinates of the cache are posted on geocaching dot com. The finders download the coordinates and go find them. Usually they are tupperware type containers. Sometimes they are like the cache above which was hidden by the geocaching owner of a high rise in downtown New Orleans. He has the building engineer escort you up to the elevator penthouse for the search. Talk about the mother lode.


The other extreme are these tiny pill containers just a fraction of an inch long. They are extremely hard to find but some of them look like Christmas ornaments.


And some geocaches are hidden deep in the woods inside the homes of elves.

4.A Cup of…

Nordaggio's Coffee

You know I still like it when I order a latte and the barrista takes the time to make a design.



Son and I went to Natural Falls State Park here in northeast Oklahoma last week. It is a beautiful and serene place with water falls and a nice lake set in a deep canyon. Much of the 1974 film “Where the Red Fern Grows” was filmed in the park.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Geocaching 101

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A Walk in the Street – Street Car


I’m back from New Orleans and glad to be with my family but I miss the energy and vitality of the Crescent City. Sure there are lots of tourists and conventioneers but there is a tremendous number of people who live and work in New Orleans. They seem to barely notice the tourists and treat each other with good cheer. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders. Its truly a city.

Walk in the Street

New Orleans Navy Week

I was in New Orleans this week at an energy business convention. While there the US Navy and friends showed up for a party. A party to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. New Orleans is the innaugral city of a three year fifteen city celebration. I mean if you are going to celebrate, you might as well start in New Orleans.


The USS Frank Mitscher, a Guided Missile Destroyer. The ship has a brand new skipper, in February this year Commander Monika Stoker assumed command of the ship. She is also the first African American woman to command an American warship.


The USS Dewert, an “Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate.” Reportedly in October 2011 this ship, along with a British vessel,  rescued a an Italian Merchantmen from Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.


The French Navy Germinal, a light monitoring frigate,  showed up for the party also.


The USS Wasp, an Amphibious Assault Ship. It is a lot bigger than what it looks like in this photograph. This is as close as I could get.


It carries a whole bunch of Marines and their equipment. Reportedly, about 3000 sailors from the various ships had a pretty good time Tuesday night in the French Quarter.

The modern warships were great and a special to see but the big attraction was the Tall Ships that came in to celebrate also.


The Coast Guard’s WIX Eagle a training ship was there. She started out as the the German vessel, SSS Horst Wessel. Adolf Hilter attended her commissioning. The United States seized her after World War II.



The Indonesian’s sent their KRI Dewaruci, their navy’s training vessel. It also was built in Germany in the 1930’s. It


I loved the woodwork on this ship.


Ecuador sent their BAE Guayas, another training vessel. It was my favorite because of the condor below.


I just hope that all the sailors get back to their ships, the right ships.

Signs – Delacroix Corp.

I’ve been walking a lot around New Orleans the last couple days. I found a few caches and took lots of photographs.

I noticed that on consecutive days I took photographs of this building, labelled Delacroix Corp.,


I just love the building. First the green color. I love that green, and the big windows. Second the silvery letters for the sign with the two different fonts, part script and part block letters, and the rakish angle in the Delacroix. It’s written with flair, and then the down to earth Corp.

Third, the mysteriousness of it, Who knows what Delacroix does? I mean its not a restaurant, nor a tshirt shop. They don’t have a web site but they have a some sort of mysterious connection to the oil and gas business. The president of the firm is a third degree connection to me in Linked In. The ground floor windows are glass blocks.

What’s going on in there?

I just love the French Quarter. It has its secrets.

Signs, Signs

Ruby Tuesday 2 -Painting the Town Red

I’m in New Orleans for a few days this week.


The red theme started in Tulsa at the airport.


Flew into New Orleans, checked into my hotel, and the red paddles on the paddlewheeler  was one of the first things I saw through my room window.


My readers know that I have a think for red cranes. Sorry.

The streetcars were out.


The Norwegians are coming, the Norwegians are coming, Vikings, run for your lives.


A red crane and a red boat!!!!


Two carriages and a donkey. Don’t you think a four row carriage is a little much for one donkey? I think so!!

Ruby Tuesday 2

Thanks Gemma Wiseman and Magical Mystery Teacher!!

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Our World – New Orleans

I’m in New Orleans on a business trip attending the Gas Processors Convention. I haven’t been here since right before Katrina in 2005 when Sweetie came along.


The town was jumping Sunday afternoon with the French Quarter Festival going on. Tell you what New Orleans knows how to party. There were lots of bands in lots of different places. The place was packed.


But people were under control. Apparently I dropped my cell phone. A lady chased after me for two blocks she said until she caught up with me to give it back to me (I move fast when I’m walking.)


People were major chilling to the music.


New Orleans reminds me a little of the Santa Fe of my youth before the billionaires crowded out the millionaires. Santa Fe has the public party side especially during fiesta (like I know what I’m talking about, I
haven’t been to the fiesta in 35 years) but also a very private side in private courtyards and closed doors.


Both New Orleans and Santa Fe give hints of ordinary people who actually live and work there. But an outsider never sees these people.


New Orleans in the South but it is different from the rest of the South. I think that is why I love it.


It is more than just a town to party in, it is a town with soul. There has been inroads by the developers who bring in the expensive condos with high gates, security, and chain restaurants and “high end” retailers.


I don’t think they will ever completely take over.

Our World

Thanks Sylvia, Sandy, Arija, Lady Fi, and Gattina!!

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