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Our World – Contrasts inside the Museum at Woolaroc – Part Deaux

Last week I posted about SuperPizzaBoy and I driving to Woolaroc as part of a road trip and it was kind of crowded because of the Phillips Petroleum Employee picnic. That post was focused mainly on the critters of Woolaroc. Woolaroc is the former ranch, country home, and private museum of oilman Frank Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum Company.


This week’s emphasis is on the museum and other inside displays at Woolaroc.That is the the thing about Woolaroc, it has a great museum planted in the middle of what is essientially a working bison and longhorn cattle ranch out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t count on too many bars when you are there.


I’ve been to Woolaroc many times and I still find new stuff at the museum. It takes several trips for me before I figure out what a museum is all about.  What struck me this trip was the contrasts I saw. Especially that of Native Americans.


There is the Native American as great and feared warriors.


And as a defeated people longing for the wonderful past.


There is the Native American as the friendly, spiritual guide to children.


And as savage warriors kicking some major Custer butt at Little Bighorn.


As participants in wild pagan dances.


And performing fine arts in bucolic settings.

These are all romantic views and I think the truth is lost somewhere in there. I didn’t think about it at the time but I don’t recall too many, if any, art pieces by Native Americans on display at the museum. I can tell you that Native American culture including  is alive and all about the now. 

The other contrast I noticed were in the Pioneer Woman statues. Back in 1927, E.W. Marland a wealthy oilman commissioned twelve sculptors to come up with representations of a Pioneer Woman. The twelve entries were displayed all around the USA.  I didn’t take pictures of all of them but the winner was something like this one. A schoolmarmish tough woman. And, I’m sure those pioneer women way back when were tough. You know, no facebook, no pedicure places, or mothers day out or any of that other stuff.


Below gets my vote evvery time. Don’t ask me why.

Logan and I went to Osage County today and ran into the #pioneerwoman very #hot_sauce at #woolaroc #museum

The other thing about visiting museums often is that after a while you start seeing things you never noticed before. For example three things that will put me to sleep real fast in western museums are displays about guns, barbed wire, and spurs. I mean really who cares? Well I noticed the spurs this time. For example the following. Okay stay awake with me okay. I know it is a real snoozer. 


The below was called a “Gal Leg” Spur. I didn’t get it right at first.


I had passed by that display 20 times over the years and never noticed it. So now, you and I both know about Gal Leg Spurs. There are dozens of varieties.

That’s all for now folks.

Our World Tuesday

Friday Fences – Old Fence at Woolaroc

I’m a fan of old wooden fences. Modern fencing with either barbed wire or welded pipe I’m sure is a lot easier and cheaper to install than wooden fences but they just don’t have the same look to them. I mean, I’m a blogger so the whole world is about me right?

Fences 1

Woolaroc, in northeast Oklahoma has lots of old wooden fence remnants. The ranch has bison and cattle so the ranch has some very stout fencing to protect wandering bloggers from the the critters, or maybe the other way around perhaps. The ranch was busy that day because Phillips Petroleum Company was having their employee picnic that day and traffic was heavy so the ranch had all these guys in four wheelers going here and there making sure traffic was flowing.  I was stopped on the side of the road taking some pictures of these fences when one of the friendly guys drives up and says: “You don’t need to park there, we have plenty of parking further up.” and I said “I know, I was just taking pictures of this old fence of yours.”

Woolaroc Fences 2

So he gives me that look that country people all over the west give idiots, bloggers, tourists, democrats, and other people of questionable worth, he smiles, starts to say something, stops, then says okay, shakes his head, waves and drives off.

Friday Fences

Water Tower Wednesday – Woolaroc

Woolaroc Watertower.jpg

SuperPizzaBoy ventured to Oklahoma’s Woolaroc last Saturday and spent some time hiking the trails, photographing the critters and perusing the art in the museum. The ranch was built in the early 20th century and is totally old school including this water tower.

I just love Woolaroc. It started out as the ranch of oilman Frank Phillips who kept all sorts of exotic game animals there and a private art collection that just grew and grew until he built a museum to house it. It has all sorts of wonderful old rock buildings. It is out in the middle of nowhere about twelve miles from Bartlesville.

I’m a follower of Out and About in New York City and FashhionistaNYC, the author, features the building top water towers in that city of which their may be thousands. We have very few building top water towers in Oklahoma but we have lots of free standing tanks.

Our World – The Fricking Frackers, Bison, and Longhorns of Woolaroc

Son and I went on another road trip Saturday.


First, SuperPizzaBoy does his weekly session with All Star Therapy Group. Here he riding the barrel racing pattern with Seven. Then it was off to Frank Phillip’s Woolaroc (Frank is the guy who started Phillips Petroleum way back when. He has been gone since 1950 or so but his company goes on. Woolaroc is his old ranch and museum. It is a heck of a place.)


When we got to the entrance it was a zoo. I’d never seen so many people. They told us at the gate that Phillips Petroleum was having their annual employee picnic. So we paid our admission and joined the fricking frackers of Phillips Petroleum at Woolaroc. (Note, I’m a big fan of fricking frackers.)


It was stop and go from the highway to the parking lot. The bison were wondering what the heck is going on.


Well at least some of them were. The rest were like ho hum.


This guy is all depressed looking for some reason.


There were some Texas Longhorns at the ranch.


I mean if you were a Texas Longhorn confined deep in Oklahoma Sooner country you’d be depressed also.


In the barn, the llama was bemused. He had never seen so many fricking frackers and fricking fracker family members.


The deer were on point also. If the bambi’s are not afraid of fricking frackers why should you be?

Later, I’ll post some pics from inside the museum. If you love western art, you’ll love Woolaroc.

Our World Tuesday

Our World – Woolaroc Museum Entrance Facade

Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Refuge was started by the Frank Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum Company to showcase his art collection and exotic wildlife. It is located out in the middle of nowhere in northeast Oklahoma in Osage County.

Woolaroc Mural

I’ve long admired the mural around the main entry door to the Musuem.

(Buffalo Dancer with tomahawk)

The mural was installed in 1946 by Winold Reiss, a German-American artist who installed murals all over the United States. The mural uses very strong imagery and bold colors.


(Kiowa Fancy Dancer)


(Eastern Woodsman with Calumet)



Our World

October Osage County – Camera Critters

Lets check out what is happening at the Animal Barn at Woolaroc. Frank Phillips‘ (founder of Phillips Petroleum Company) old ranch in Osage County about an hour north of Tulsa.


Woolaroc has quite a few critters. They can be as fun as the art in the museum and grounds.


Something about zebras? They are so graphic. That is actually a better quality in zebras than it is in people.Don’t you think?


I love the animal barn at Woolaroc (Are there barns that are not animal barns). I don’t trust this pair of jokers.


This little guy just wants back in with his mama. She is fine where he is. I know lots of human moms like that also. Love their kids


Something about goats is comical.


My favorite was this calf. It was major cute.


It was kind of shy and flirting with me.


Have you ever seen a cuter redhead?

Camera Critters

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First Annual Woolaroc Pioneer Woman Wet T Shirt Contest

Saturday, I ventured up to Frank Phillip’s ranch in Osage County (You know old Frank, the guy who started Phillips Petroleum Right?) to run in the Woolaroc 8K road race. Woolaroc is an acronym for “Woods, Lakes, and Rocks) and is the name that Mr. Phillips gave to the ranch. He is long since passed but there are lots of animals and a museum of art on the property.


I did my typical antics. I love taking pictures of people taking pictures. I was too late here, but I caught them looking at the image on the LCD screen.


I just took one picture of the race. You lose a lot of time taking pictures during a race, and it was raining. So I took just this one with my Ipod.

When you finish the race, and eat your banana, and get your Powerade they allow you into the museum for free. Not too many runners were in the museum and that is a good thing because a shocking thing was going on. The First Annual Pioneer Woman Wet Tee Shirt Contest. Sponsored by RHOC, the “Real Housewives of Osage County”. They are a wild bunch, nothing like the RHOK (“Real Housewives of Oklahoma”) who spend their time in churchly duties such as prayer, hymn singing,  Bible study, martini drinking, and sewing clothes for the poor.

The RHOC ladies organized the event and got the services of four judges.


Frank Phillips himself, of course it is his place, so you gotta ask him right?


Geronimo made the trip from Fort Sill.

(Will Rogers by Bryan Baker)

Oklahoma’s favorite son Will Rogers agreed to be a judge.Man, wouldn’t you like to hear what he thinks of Paul Ryan and Joe Biden?

Sugar for the Trail
(Sugar for the Trail by Joe Beeler)

And they picked a cowboy because, well because this is Oklahoma and you have to have a cowboy and Garth Brooks was busy. The problem was the cowboy was caught in a compromising position with one of the contestants (who yeah big surprise, if you know cowboys) who was obviously trying to influence his vote. So they were both disqualified! The lady reminds me of Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke. I don’t know about you but my childhood was ruined when I realized that Miss Kitty was a hooker. Well, I’m digressing. Sorry.

Well, I won’t go through all the contestants. You know Pioneer Women were not known for their beauty generally,except to their husbands and kids.

Jim Norris and wife, homesteaders, Pie Town, New Mexico (LOC)

So without further adieu, here are the winners. The 3rd runner up!

(Pioneer Woman by Bryant Baker)

A quite attractive, nice young woman. Her bonnet and boots are especially fetching don’t you think. Nothing like a woman who knows how to tie leather laces nice and tight.

(Pioneer Woman by H.A. McNeil)

The Second Runner Up, very lovely, even with the bare feet. I have to tell you though that the axe she carried was a little intimidating. You can see that her son likes her, a lot!

(Pioneer Woman by Arthur Lee)

The Runner Up featured a typical pioneer woman’s dress that protects her from the hot Oklahoma sun in the summer and our snowy, windy, cold winters. Plus she was exceptionally modest as her dress covered her completely down to her ankles. It is such a shame that young women these days seem to have this need to show everything they have.

(Pioneer Woman by James E. Fraser)

You know the winner had a lot to do Saturday and saw what she needed to do to win the contest and just went ahead and did it. She had to go get groceries, pick up some dry cleaning, clean the house, and cook dinner so she went All In, or maybe I should say All Out. I think the judges rewarded her pioneering spirit and her willingness to just cut to the chase. 

So, do you think the judges pick the right woman? 

I’m linking up with my friend Impulsive Addict’s Talk to Us Tuesday.

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