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Up Periscope!

Sunset over Tulsa 2_HDR

We are having some great sunsets the past few days. We get a little bit of rain sometime during the day and then the remaining clouds reflect the setting sun perfectly. I am launching my drone from my back yard straight up to about 150 feet and pointing it west. It is about the same height as when I worked in downtown Tulsa in a high rise with a window looking west. The DJI Mavic Mini drone that I have has a gps that holds the craft in place. If the wind is too much too hold it sends an alarm and I will lower it a little bit.

This is our back yard at about 150 feet up.

pool reflections hdr

This is quite a bit lower. I liked the reflections in our neighbor’s pool.

I hope that everybody has a great holiday weekend. I’m retired so they are all holiday weekends for me..

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Skywatch Friday – Winter Skies

2019-01-28 Boston AVE UMC _DSC0558-2-2-Edit

This is Boston Avenue Methodist Church here in Tulsa on the south edges of downtown. In a city famous for its art-deco architecture, this is the crown jewel. The exterior is limestone, granite, and terra cotta. The interior is beautiful as well. I managed to catch it one evening when the exterior lights had come on but there was still of plenty of golden hour light from the setting sun as well.

2019-01-28 Boston ave UMC_DSC0557-3-Edit

I liked how some of the detail were highlighted.

2019-01-28 Ark River from ONEOK

And here is a view of the western sky from my office building. I take lots of shots in a conference room on the 17th floor. I can turn off the lights and I have figured out how to minimize the internal reflections. Well, my employer is renovating the floor and have asked the employees to stay off the floor while the work is going on. So I am going to have to find another spot to take photographs. I am not worried. I am very resourceful.

I am linking with Skywatch Friday