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A New Launching Pad

I got a new launchpad for my drone. You don’t need one if you are launching from a hard surface but if you are on grass dirt it helps to have one to avoid damage to the drone’s propellers. Mine is about 24 inches square which is plenty big. The few times I have launched out in the wild it is hard to get away from grass, twigs, pebbles, and dirt.

From about 20 meters up.

So I checked it out in the backyard. Usually I launch from the patio but the metal in the furniture messed with the drone’s gps so I was always having to calibrate it.

at 40 meters, my usual flying distance.

I almost always fly from my backyard in “periscope mode.” I go straight up and then look around. I don’t fly around looking at stuff. Legally I can do it but in a subdivision I don’t think it is too neighborly to fly over somebody else’s property.

The view to the southwest. That’s the neighborhood elementary school to the left.

And straight to the west.

I think my launching pad works well.

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Skywatch Friday – Sunny Skies

View from my brother’s hospital room.

Sunny weather this past week for the most part which suits my present mood. My brother got sick in late December and has had quite a journey but is getting released tomorrow to go back to his home. The whole family is happy.

A front porch skywatch photo. A cousin called it the Pythagoras Sky.

Another front porch sky.

Trees close to the parking lot of my brother’s hospital. I love the sight of trees in winter.

And a view of a sunset through the glass blocks of my gym.

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Fiery Skies in Tulsa

We’ve had some pretty good sunsets in Tulsa lately. Late day weather helps with the clouds in the western sky. One evening I launched my drone and went up about 50 meters. Not much wind which is rare for Oklahoma.

Another day I was taking son somewhere and we had good skies so I was taking shots as I safely could while driving. This is from our house looking west.

And at our church a little later.

And the drive home.

Another day I had to get my car serviced. We live only 0.8 miles from the mechanic so if the weather is good I walk back home. So this is an early morning shot to the east. I have to confess that since I have retired I have not seen very many sunrises.

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Skywatch Friday – Different Ways of Catching Rays!!


Sunset a few weeks ago captured with the drone.


And an opposite sunset looking to the northeast

I’ve rediscovered “tiny planet” apps. They take a photo and wrap it around itself.

I went on a bike ride on a glorious, windy, sunny, kind of cool Wednesday. I took the Katy Trail from Tulsa to Sand Springs to avoid the mobs of spring breakers on the RiverParks trails. It’s an old railroad that has been converted to a trail.

And a vantage from a high spot.

And turned 45 degrees to the refinery across the Arkansas River.

A late afternoon skywatch shot. After weeks of boring skies I’ve been busy.

A sunrise early in the morning.


And the old drone pilot himself.


We had a full worm moon on Wednesday with just a very light screen of clouds in front of it. I love full moons.


I am continuing to do jigsaw puzzles on my ipad. I love them. I love this Caribbean scene.


And this street scene. It takes me days to do these things. I don’t mind though it is very relaxing.

Anybody else getting their vitamin D on. I love being outside so much.

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Skywatch Friday – The Skies Are Back

So lately our plain jane skies have spiced up a little bit, especially at sunset. So I have been flying my drone quite a bit.


There are even interesting skies on our dog walks.

One day we had a spectacular sunset to the west and…

to the East we got a nearly full Wolf Moon rising.


And a big thank you to Klara. Her excellent moon shots reminded me of my humble Wolf Moon shot for this month. Go check the link and see what she did with the Wolf Moon. Truly Spectacular.

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Up Periscope!

Sunset over Tulsa 2_HDR

We are having some great sunsets the past few days. We get a little bit of rain sometime during the day and then the remaining clouds reflect the setting sun perfectly. I am launching my drone from my back yard straight up to about 150 feet and pointing it west. It is about the same height as when I worked in downtown Tulsa in a high rise with a window looking west. The DJI Mavic Mini drone that I have has a gps that holds the craft in place. If the wind is too much too hold it sends an alarm and I will lower it a little bit.

This is our back yard at about 150 feet up.

pool reflections hdr

This is quite a bit lower. I liked the reflections in our neighbor’s pool.

I hope that everybody has a great holiday weekend. I’m retired so they are all holiday weekends for me..

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Skywatch Friday – Winter Skies

2019-01-28 Boston AVE UMC _DSC0558-2-2-Edit

This is Boston Avenue Methodist Church here in Tulsa on the south edges of downtown. In a city famous for its art-deco architecture, this is the crown jewel. The exterior is limestone, granite, and terra cotta. The interior is beautiful as well. I managed to catch it one evening when the exterior lights had come on but there was still of plenty of golden hour light from the setting sun as well.

2019-01-28 Boston ave UMC_DSC0557-3-Edit

I liked how some of the detail were highlighted.

2019-01-28 Ark River from ONEOK

And here is a view of the western sky from my office building. I take lots of shots in a conference room on the 17th floor. I can turn off the lights and I have figured out how to minimize the internal reflections. Well, my employer is renovating the floor and have asked the employees to stay off the floor while the work is going on. So I am going to have to find another spot to take photographs. I am not worried. I am very resourceful.

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