Skywatch Friday – Outside Time!

I got it all on this week’s post, Gardening, Hiking, Bicycling, A Plea for Help, and a Musical Finale! Are you ready? Lets get started!!

Earlier this week I went to Turkey Mountain. We’ve had a lot of rain and they want people to stay off the trails when its muddy. Kind of like your Great Aunt Grace telling you to stay on the plastic runners. Or at least that’s what my Great Aunt Grace would tell me. Anyway I first checked the Monarch Waystation. Lots of green stuff there and few blooms.

I’m no butterfly but if I were I guess I would be digging into whatever these flowers had to offer. My botanical ID skills are woeful. I do know that these are yellow blooms. Enough Gardening, and now Hiking!!

And then I got back in my car and drove up to the upper parking lot. Ordinarily the I would have gone up the trail but I was rationing my energy because the temperature was over 90F and the head index was almost 110F. Anyway, I started down the Snake Trail to go explore the NW side and see if there were any new trails out that way.

The Snake Trail is pretty decent. When I take first time visitors to Turkey Mountain, before the new trails were started, I took them on Snake because it was relatively flat and not very technical (in other words breaking your ankle was unlikely). Turkey is going to have a mixture of old and new trails. The terrible erosion prone, non sustainable trails will be blocked off to allow the ground to heal.

I got up close to the YMCA and headed east and soon came to some new trail that I had not seen yet. So I jumped on it and went a couple hundred yards or so and saw that it was not yet open. I thought it looked a little rough. Anyway I got off it and got on a parallel old trail.

I emerged on what is called the Powerline Trail and went back to the parking lot. Powerline is difficult. It gets kind of technical and really steep and has several false ridges. I guess you could call it Heartbreaker as well. It is in full sun which makes it extra fun on a hot sunny day. But hey I made it. I guess you already figured that out because I wrote this post.

And now the Bicycling Segment!!

Thursday morning, I got up, skipped yoga and took my bike out on the other side of the Arkansas River to ride the paved trails. That hill you see on the other side of the river is Turkey Mountain. Don’t be giggling or laughing at the Mountain. We don’t have too many in Tulsa.

On the south end of the RiverParks trails is a Native American Tribal owned casino. The trail squeezes in betweenn casino and the river. Somebody, maybe the tribe has been doing some “Riparian Mitigation” on the riverbank and it is bearing fruit. I never noticed these trees before. I love it.

On the north end I stopped at the south end of the Gathering Place. With better weather people are taking their toddlers there and they let the kids migrate into the bike lanes. I don’t blame them, they are new to the trails and don’t understand. Anyway, when the new people I just cut my ride short and go back. Better than risking hitting somebody. But I stopped and smelled the roses

Do I look like I need help? Well I do!! Come volunteer at the Tulsa Ironman race on May 22nd.


Last year I volunteered on the running segement on Sunday afternoon. It was fun and easy. I just handed out water and gatorade to the racers for several hours. These men and women are amazing athletes. The Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition gets paid for the volunteer hours they provide to the event. Check here to get more info if you are interested.

And the musical section of this mess of a post. Featuring a hot mess herself, Miranda Lambert. I got her new album Palomino and am loving it. She is a good singer and has quite the sense of humor.

That’s about it folks. I guess I had some sky photos in here somewhere. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday. Come join in!!

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Outside Time!

  1. Jennifer Jilks

    I am so impressed with your biking and running. I sold our bikes last year. Hubby, with prostate cancer, cannot ride. I kept giving myself shin splints. Old age sucks, but the alternative…
    I enjoyed your adventures!

  2. Nancy Chan

    Here, we are having around 94 deg F and it is so hot and humid. We sweat even sitting under the fan going full blast. The shade provided by those trees makes the place a nice hiking trail.

  3. Alana

    I would be a melted puddle in that heat index. And that trail, yikes, I wouldn’t even have tried it. I like that word “technical”. My former manager at work (now retired) used to volunteer at our Bridge Run half marathon and really enjoyed it.

  4. A ShutterBug Explores

    Wow! Busy week and heat besides ~ it is warming up here too ~ too fast and I turn into a wilted being ~ Xo
    Have fun with the race ~ 6-6

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Peter B.

    When I right click on your first photo and select “Google Lens”, it tells me the flower is Coreopsis. Pretty cool, because I’m terrible at plant ID! Hopefully Snake Trail is named after the curves in the trail and not because of common snake sightings!

  6. Angie

    Alan – love your wildly diverse post. If I lived near you, I would love to help with the Ironman!

    Wow – can’t believe the heat index was that high in May!

    Will have to check out the Miranda Lambert music at a time when my husband is not sleeping!

  7. Pat

    Yogi, your posts are always entertaining. I wouldn’t mind volunteering for the Ironman run if I lived closer.
    I think Melissa Lambert forgot to put a shirt on for this video…lol

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