Skywatch Friday – Oklahoma and Wyoming

Below is not my photo. This is a jigsaw puzzle I did on my Ipad of the Mouton Barn at Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. This may be the most photographed barn in the world!!


I’ve always loved Mormon Row, it reminds me of a ranch that my aunt and uncle had in Idaho not that far from this scene in Wyoming. The closed up barn with great patina. The brutal winters mean not too many windows.

Moulton Barn Mormon Row October 2019

This is a photo I made a few years ago. Just looking at how the west barn eave cuts into the tree line I think I was standing just 10 to 20 feet west of where the person who took the photo for the puzzle was standing.

And while we are loosely of the subject of architecture. Above is a photo of Westhope here in Tulsa. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I think it is one of only three of his designs in Oklahoma. I knew of it but had never chased it down until last week when I did a geocaching AdventureLab focusing on oil millionaires houses in Tulsa.

And this is from a bike ride I did earlier this week in Tulsa. The river is the Arkansas River and the hill across the river is Turkey Mountain. An Urban Wilderness in the middle of Tulsa.

And here is the monarch waystation I help take care of on Turkey Mountain.

And a couple of sky photos from a hike at Oxley Nature Center.

And a shot of a prairie at Oxley.

And a drone shot from our backyard in south Tulsa looking west toward the sunset.

That’s all I got this week. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday. Come check it out!!

30 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Oklahoma and Wyoming

  1. Pat

    All beautiful photos, Yogi, and the puzzle looks like a fun challenge to put together. I’ve visited a few Frank Loyd Wrieght homes over time and always find them so interesting

    PS: I have sadly not seen one monarch butterfly this summer.

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …you can tell that it’s by Frank Lloyd Wright at a glance. Thanks for hosting the party.

  3. Eileen

    I have seen many photos of that Barn, it is famous. Lovely collection of sky images.
    My favorite is the view of the sky and Arkansas River. Have a great day!

  4. Penelope Notes

    I love to see historic buildings restored, as I image is happening in Mormon Row. The barn is in such stark contrast to Wright’s building … yet both have beautiful lines and, in my opinion, an air of stoicism

  5. Angie

    Alan – so many beautiful pictures. I like the comparison of the puzzle and your personal photo – so cool. And that Frank Lloyd Wright Building is gorgeous!

  6. Nancy Chan

    Beautiful pictures. Puzzles are great for passing time and e-puzzles make it easy for us to enjoy wherever we are and to continue anytime we want. Lovely blue sky with white clouds. Stunning sky shot with your drone.

  7. Alana

    I actually liked your photo of the barn better than the jigsaw puzzled – more real in keeping with the vibe of Grand Teton (which I’ve only been to once, long ago) The jigsaw picture was a bit too perfect. I also liked your Frank Lloyd Wright photo with the sky reflection in the window. All your photos were great to look at but those were the two that stood out to me.

  8. Sallie

    All those beautiful photos . Yours (the almost twin one and any of the others) could be amazing puzzles themselves. Or paintings or wall hangings.
    And the drone sky shot is wonderful — really you shouldn’t be allowed to say “that’s all I got this week” because those words should be for people like me who really didn’t have a photo that was good enough for the meme this week. But there is always sky somewhere so I joined anyway. i love looking at everybody’s wonderful skies from all over. Thanks for hosting it.

  9. Fun60

    A great series of photos and I love how you have shown that the photo for the jigsaw hadn’t been doctored at all. I hope the barn is being protected in some waytopreserve it for future generations.

  10. Candace Uhlmeyer

    The cabin shots should be book cover art! The rest aren’t half bad either. I somehow lost sight of your blog, but that arresting shot got it back for me. Thanks for posting this, and for all the work you do for Skywatch Friday.

    1. Candace Uhlmeyer

      Oops! I wasn’t paying attention–but had gone back to look through the photos again. I missed the part about the jigsaw puzzle–but now I want that . . . Anyway, glad to be back enjoying your work.

  11. Gaelyn

    Your photo of the barn should be a puzzle too. I like seeing Turkey Mt from different perspectives. I love all these shots, including the drone.

  12. Andree

    I never thought of Tulsa as being so green. That barn is magnificent. I liked comparing the two shots with different views of the mountains.

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