19 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – The Simple Pleasures are the Best

  1. Vicki

    When I was a kid my brother in law would take me and my brother to the Cincinnati Red games.

    I love biking, it’s been way too long, but soon it will be too hot unless we go to a shaded trail. I love walking or biking anywhere there’s water.

    Your moon shots are always amazing! Love the backyard shot. My son hasn’t flown his drone yet. That’s a beautiful sunset. Storms make for such great photos but I’m not a fan when they don’t miss you.

  2. Jocelyn

    Great shots! I recently found a piece of paper and asked my hubby what it was. It was his scoring from when he was in little league. He kept it all these years 😀

  3. Pat

    Simple pleasures indeed and all wonderful endeavors! All your photos were perfect descriptions on their own, Yogi.

    We have been watching our grandson’s play sports and watching our gardens begin to green up and grow. Life is good!

  4. Nandakumar

    I have been slowly realizing same. Forgetting the long vacations, not drooling about the unique trips. There are plenty of pleasures found in backyard!

  5. Alana

    Yes, the simple pleasures. When I was a teen, I was into baseball and I would keep score on those several occasions I went to a major league game (I grew up in NYC). Now, I wouldn’t remember how to do it. I haven’t been to a ballgame in years (minor league AA where I live now). I’ll sit out in the backyard this afternoon and enjoy life. I enjoyed seeing your bicycle and the other scenery you showed.

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