11 thoughts on “Shadowy Shots in Springerville, Arizona

  1. Alana

    Your Madonna of the Trail sparked a memory from 2013 when we were driving home from Northwest Arkansas and stopped in Vandalia, Illinois for a quick lunch. We stumbled across a Madonna of the Trail statue and I should have a photo somewhere. I wonder how many of these there are? (I need to research). I could have used a shadow, though; it was hovering around 100 degrees. That is a nice storefront with all the flowers, too.

  2. Lisa

    In my mind it’s hot in Arizona, so those shadows would be welcome. I have never heard of Madonna of the Trail, and would have thought it was a one time thing but for Alana’s comment.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks for the laughs, that old post is hilarious! Some of those statues were a bit… a bit something! Strange view those sculptors had of pioneer women clothing. I never caught on about Miss Kitty either, but I wouldn’t have known what that meant anyway. Plus, I only watched it for the horses.

  3. hena

    Hadn’t heard of the pioneer mother’s statue before.. it is well deserved. That was a hard time for everyone concerned.

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