Skywatch Friday – Sunrise on the Greenbelt

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When I take son to school we drive past our neighborhood greenbelt. The sun is starting to peak up right at the far end so I’ll be aggravating son a little bit so I can stop and grab a quick pic with my cell phone camera. Poor kid, it is a trial being a bloggerdad’s son.

Skywatch Friday

26 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Sunrise on the Greenbelt

  1. genie

    WOW! That sunrise looks like a fireball. It is beautiful. You don’t see these intense ones that ofter. Glad you had your camera.

  2. Leedslass

    I reckon that’s what parents are for – to be a trial to their offspring. You make me wish I wasn’t a lazy old bird, who likes her bed far too much, to get out and about to see, and photograph, sunrises. I miss an awful lot being in my comfort zone:-)
    Thank heavens I’m way too old to change my ways…….

  3. Small City Scenes

    I understand his plight and yours too. Mine soon learned to relax and no complaining while I just HAD to stop and take a photo. LOL
    Nice shot I hope the green belt greens up soon. MB

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