Signs – Lighting it Up

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I run with two Ipods now. An antiquated Nano for music and a newer Touch for taking pictures (cuz I’m a picture taker not a photographer). I happened by this plant a week or so ago on a morning run just as the sun had come up.

I’ve always admired the old school giant neon signs of PSO’s Tulsa Power Station right on the Arkansas River, especially the script “Electricity in big red letters just so we know what is going on there. Its from a different era where utilities promoted themselves a little more aggressively.

Signs, Signs

16 thoughts on “Signs – Lighting it Up

  1. GW Bill Miller

    That PSO sign has been there for a long time. I like to see it at night when it is reflected in the river.

    Use iTunes to put all your music in the “cloud” and you can access all of it with your Touch and leave your Nano at home.

  2. Martha Z

    At first I thought you would say you had the second in case the first broke.
    It does seem to take pretty good pictures, but I think I’ll stick with a camera.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    I like those old-style signs. When I was little, the power company had a cartoon character called “Reddy Killowatt” who was hugely displayed on a sign on their building. You’re right — that was definitely another era!

  4. Beth Zimmerman

    I love big old brick buildings. Not sure why … they just appeal to me! If I was wealthy I would probably buy an old warehouse and convert it into a wonderful loft type home space.

  5. Clytie

    I love the subject and lighting of this building.

    It’s amazing that technology has come so far, especially for “picture taking” photographers!

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