Weekend Reflections – Tulsa Garden Center

I was at the Tulsa Garden Center awating my assigned duties from Sweetie for carting stuff from the attic of the Center to the basement while I took this shots.


The Garden Center was originally built by an Tulsa Oilman back in the day who then donated it to the city.


Lots of events go on here but if nothing is going on they let the public wander through. It is quite interesting.


Sweetie is involved in their “Little Green Thumbs” children’s gardening program there. She was getting everything ready for the coming season. They don’t have their schedule set yet but check the link above periodically if you are interested.

The Tulsa Garden Center is part of a complex that includes the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens, a huge rose garden, an arboretum, green house, and Woodward Park. They also share a parking lot with the Tulsa Historical Society. If you visit Tulsa you have to come by. You just gotta!

Weekend Reflections

22 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Tulsa Garden Center

  1. DrillerAA09

    I have some photos of the interior of the Garden Center someplace in my archives. That is, if I haven’t deleted them already. Love this place. There are some truly fine mansions in Tulsa. It must have been a very special place during the early days of the oil boom.

  2. Sylvia K

    What a beautiful place and such terrific reflections for the day! Really superb captures! Hope you and Sweetie and SPB have a wonderful weekend!


  3. EG CameraGirl

    WOW! We don’t have any garden centres here anywhere near as spectacular! 🙂 Really nice and I think it’s great that the owners allow riffraff with cameras in to take photos. :))

  4. Kathy

    I graduated from high school in Cleveland, OK, and remember visiting the garden center on several occasions. That was back during my salad days, when I was green and crisp!

  5. Barb

    A fabulous old mansion! That sounds like a great gardening program for children. Is SPB involved? (I seem to remember he’s not too fond of gardening.)

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