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Weekend Reflections – Tulsa Garden Center

I was at the Tulsa Garden Center awating my assigned duties from Sweetie for carting stuff from the attic of the Center to the basement while I took this shots.


The Garden Center was originally built by an Tulsa Oilman back in the day who then donated it to the city.


Lots of events go on here but if nothing is going on they let the public wander through. It is quite interesting.


Sweetie is involved in their “Little Green Thumbs” children’s gardening program there. She was getting everything ready for the coming season. They don’t have their schedule set yet but check the link above periodically if you are interested.

The Tulsa Garden Center is part of a complex that includes the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens, a huge rose garden, an arboretum, green house, and Woodward Park. They also share a parking lot with the Tulsa Historical Society. If you visit Tulsa you have to come by. You just gotta!

Weekend Reflections

Doings at the Tulsa Garden Center

The Tulsa Garden Center is a great place. It is a grand old oilman’s mansion from the 1920’s that now buzzes with activity most days.


I just love this old fireplace in the ballroom.


If you love windows and doors, the garden center is the place for you.


I helped my wife Sweetie set up for a Children’s Gardening Class (Little Green Thumbs) held at the Garden Center.



You cannot have a gardening class without “soil.” Don’t call it dirt, especially at the Garden Center. They will kick you out.


There she is, getting ready.


The part I like the best is the art deco streamline design ladies restroom shown above. Don’t ask me how I got the photo. I’d have to take the fifth. (Not really, the door was open and I was in the hallway and it was unoccupied. That’s my story. Oh, and I didn’t open the door either.) If you are saying that it is hard to tell anything from the photo. It is that way live and in person also. To get better pics I’m afraid I might risk outraging public decency.

That’s My World

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Children’s Garden at Tulsa Garden Center and Li’l Green Thumbs

Tulsa has a lot of well hidden treasures and I was shown a gem that is hidden best of all. Its behind this ugly building.

Are you familiar with this building? I hope not! If you serve community service time in Tulsa this is one of the places you used to report t in order to repay your debt to society. Can you imagine the criminals who have gone through those doors? Jaywalkers, Democrats, Liberals, Universal Health Care and Gun Control Advocates, and the like. Oh, it makes me shiver just to think of them. Such criminals allowed to run loose amongst us. Those gun control nuts, I’ll tell you what the Okie method of gun control is. Its keeping two hands on the weapon at all times. Sarah Palin knows what I’m talking about!

Oh, I’m sorry I digress. And the criminals have to report somewhere else now. Now you safely visit the Children’s Garden right behind this building. It is very cool.

SuperPizzaBoy at the Children’s Garden

A little glimpse of Sweetie down the path.

The Tulsa Garden Center has a Li’l Green Thumb Program for gardeners aged 4 to 11. This Saturday, July 17 from 9 am to 11:30 am is their next event. Check the Tulsa Garden Center web site for details. Pre-registration is required. Sweetie is going to be there helping with the program. Come down and say Hi.