Oklahoma! at Tulsa’s Clark Theater

Clarkies singing Oklahoma

We have been very busy lately, really busy. We weren’t too busy though to attend Clark Youth Theater’s performance of “Oklahoma!” the Rogers and Hammerstein Musical. It was fun and it was good. If you live in Oklahoma you should know the title song by heart because it is not only one of the great tunes of musical theater, it is also Oklahoma’s state song.

The musical is about optimism and hope, love, and good versus evil. it has it’s fun parts and it has it’s dark parts. The kids did a great job putting it on. ┬áLogan wasn’t in it but he auditioned for and got a part in Clark’s Best Christmas Pageant Ever which is going to play several times in December.

In the meantime, if you live in the Tulsa area go see Clark’s Oklahoma! If you miss it, goodness forbid, go see Augustine Christine Academy’s production which I think is going to be in November. Or you know, you could go see both productions.

Or what the heck watch the movie version above?

I have seen Oklahoma! on stage only three times I think. The first time in Jackson, Wyoming back in the late 60’s. The last time maybe fifteen years ago here in Tulsa in an outdoor theater where they brought real horses on stage. It was cool,

Have you ever seen Oklahoma! live?

6 thoughts on “Oklahoma! at Tulsa’s Clark Theater

  1. Ellen

    I don’t live in Oklahoma, but I know every word from all the songs. It’s a great musical and I’ve seen it several times from high school performances to the theatre in Jackson that you referred to and I’ve seen a Broadway production. Love it!

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Yes I have seen it! Here in Eugene Oregon, where they do a musical theater thing every summer. And the movie and sound track pretty much memorized (from back in the day when we used to go to movies; we never seem to find time now).

    I would guess that your song is known by many from out-of-state who have no idea what their own state song is, me included.

  3. adairmd

    Our choir put it on when I was in high school. That was the only time I watched it. I never did make it out to Discoveryland. I really wish I would have.

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