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Yoga under a Big Sky


I participated in the Great Tulsa Camp Out on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain this past weekend. In addition to a great night of music, campfires, a glow walk, and lots of fun, there was a Yoga Class on Sunday morning. As you can a few people took the class in their jammies. I had my snuggie with me but I didn’t want to be the guy that took things too far.

Now really, does Yoga get any better than this?

Have you ever done yoga in your jammies? Or your snuggie?

Skywatch Friday


The Great Tulsa Campout at Turkey Mountain


If you know anything about me then you know that I love Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain Wilderness Park. A sizeable plot of land in Tulsa right on the Arkansas River. It contains miles of trails for people who like to walk, hike, run, bicycle, unicycle, geocache, picnic, and other things. The one thing you can’t do legally on Turkey Mountain is camp. Saturday night though the Great Tulsa Campout was held. One night this year where one could go camping.  So I bought a pass, signed up to volunteer and headed for the mountain.

Heather finally let me have a Man Cave!

I got there, checked in, got my volunteer tshirt, and set up my tent. I haven’t had it out since Logan graduated out of Cub Scouts years ago. It still works just fine! Goes up and down easily, small to carry, holds all my stuff.


Here’s a 360 degree panorama. As you can see there were tents everywhere.


I rotated among several jobs. For a short while I helped people with parking. I also helped for a little while at the bounce tent.


Mostly I spent the time helping at the Atlatl demonstration helping Jason. He was a very patient teacher especially with the little kids. I tried it a couple of times, I’m needing practice bad.


Jason was pretty good. He ought to be. Plus he had the best tee shirt at the event. I got my work out in. I ran up and down the range fetching the spears. I got in my 10,000 plus steps in on my fitbit at least.


I also provided a little moral support to the firebuilding effort.


The smores crowd early, followed by the late night beer drinking crowd later, really enjoyed the fire. You can’t go camping without a campfire right?


For dinner Louies Dawg House was there with hot dogs  and hot links with any topping you could think of. I had two!


There was lots of great music at the camp. Green Corn RebellionAli Harter, and Grazzhopper played to an appreciative crowd.


I also helped create a glow walk through the adjacent woods. About 1600 glow sticks along the trail handing in the trees and strewn on the ground provided a magical effect while walking on the trail.


The next morning the sunrise was spectacular and everybody kind of slept in, others attended the yoga class. The beauty of an urban campout is that for coffee I went to a Starbucks about a mile away and got breakfast. I know that is major slacking but hey, the coffee was good.

The event was well organized and I think that everybody had fun. The guys that ran the event, Ryan Howell, Matt Carver, and Tyler Hanes were here there and everywhere making sure that everybody had a safe good time. If they have it next year I’ll be there again.

Explore Tulsa put together a nice video of the event narrated by Ryan Howell. You can get a little more of the flavor of the event.

I’m going to close with a video by Grazzhopper. They are good!!

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Have you been camping lately?