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Weekend Reflections – 2021

I went hiking and geocaching the other day towards dusk. I started here where the freeway passes over a street. I love all sorts of infrastructure. I’ve never built a bridge but I built all sorts of pipelines, compressor stations, natural gas processing plants, and other stuff all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

A pond on a hike the family the other day. I love reflections in the water.

I found this highly polished car at a Panera near where we live. I love modern cars but they all look like Toyotas. The older cars have lots more style and I admire them but give me a newer car with electronic ignition and heated seats. My facebook friends tell me the car above is a Hudson.

And here is my new office. I love my old desk. I got it on my 16th birthday, 49 years ago. It was painted with brown house paint and had been sitting in a barn for decades before my parents bought it. We stripped the paint off and it was walnut!! So I stained and varnished it. I love it and I guess I’ll have to give it up when Heather and Logan cart me off to the nursing home or wherever. Note the chrome phone on the desk. I love it as well. I mean I love my cell phone but something about holding a phone up just seems better. You can tell I am getting old can’t you.

This is my first post of 2021. Lots of optimism this year, new national leadership, the vaccines are getting rolled out. Dr. Fauci says life may be returning to normal by the Fall. Sign me up!!

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Weekend Reflections – Lovelocks on the SkyBridge

Friday I ventured down the turnpikes from Tulsa to Chickasha to pick the kid up at college. He is done for the semester, can you believe it? Seven week semester break until school starts up again. What’s up with that? Anyway, I went through Oklahoma City on the way down and had some time so I stopped at the Skybridge spanning I-40 near downtown. The light was too bright for a decent photo. At least a photo with my humble skills.


LoveLocks have hit Oklahoma. Dozens of them. This one had a couple rings with it. I tried, I couldn’t remove them.


So what’s up with this? Three locks only two of which are interlocked although they are on the same theme. Is the a protocol to these things? How do I translate.


And then this? Hmmm, is it scandalous or just a family with three people. I’ll let you decide.

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Weekend Reflections – Renaissance Brewery

My wife and I had a bunch of errands to do yesterday that took us all over Tulsa. We rewarded ourselves with a trip to Renaissance Brewing. A brewery we haven’t been to in a couple years.

A photo of the brewing equipment through glass. Kind of hard to tell what is what.

First up for me was the Gamma Ray IPA. A full 16 ounce pour of a solid, very drinkable beer.

And then second was the Dragonsbreath ale. A smaller pour (that’s okay!) brewed with fiery serrano peppers. It was very spicy and very sippable.

So we had a good time in the brewery off by ourselves in the corner, socially distancing. We are loving the brewing scene in Tulsa. There are lots of good places with great beer.

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Weekend Reflections – Arkansas River Sunset

Heather and I went to eat at a restaurant on Tulsa’s Arkansas River front. We left right after sundown so we walked to the bank to check out the sights.

The above is just to the southwest. It is a turnpike bridge over the river. The water is very low right now.

Turning a little bit to the northwest we have a slightly different scene.

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Weekend Reflections – Coffee Service


I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did. We had plenty of food, turkey, pork loins, mashed potatoes, biscuits, dressing, cranberry sauceĀ  and a couple different pies.

While wandering my MIL’s house with my camera I found her coffee service with Fall decoration. There is something about reflections that not only reflect but amplify images as well. That change the appearance in a fundamental way.

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