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Ruby Tuesday – Orpha’s Lounge

Drab day to be looking for Ruby Tuesday photographs last week. I saw lots of red over near Orpha’s. Tulsa’s most venerable dive bar.

IMG_7683 Orphas
(No I was not in Orpha’s before I captured this image. I kind of like the tilt, sorry.)

I’ve seen lots of people passed out in front of it over the years. Well maybe two or three in twenty years.

IMG_7684 Orphas Gas Meter

As some of you know, I work for natural gas pipeline company. So I’m really liking their gas meter. Sure looks better than standard utility company gray.

Ruby Tuesday 2

Ruby Tuesday Miscellany

Various Ruby Tuesday Candidates Recently

Winterfest with giant Candy Cane

A candy cane at Tulsa’s Winterfest and below some playground equipment. Both photographs are film.

Red Playground Equpment


A phone booth found while shopping with Sweetie at Utica Square.


Sad to report, SuperPizzaBoy doesn’t want to visit Santa this year:(

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday – The “Football”


The Tulsa Historical Society has an exhibit on Jim Halsey, a legendary music industry insider who manages such acts as the Oak Ridge Boys, Clint Black, the Judds, and tons of others. Check the link. I had never heard of him before the exhibit.

Anyway, long before cell phones he traveled with the portable phone above. Supposedly it was the same phone, called the football, as what US Presidents were supposed to have available in case the Russians wanted to talk about something that was bothering them. The Presidents phone was called the football. Now I imagine its all done with cell phones.

Hey ever wondered what a triple platinum record looks like.


There you go.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

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Boomer Sooner!

At the Autism Center of Tulsas Smarts and Arts trivia game fundraiser last Friday a University of Oklahoma football helmet signed by head coach Bob Stoops was one of the top items in the Silent Auction.


Fellow blogger and chair of the event, Jonni, demonstrates how the helmet is used. As you can tell from her shirt Jonni is a Sooner. Don’t feel sorry for though as she has mostly overcome that.

(Photo ripped off by me from Jonni’s Facebook page)

Ruby Tuesday

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Ruby Red Truck Wheels – Lartigue Style

Truck Tires with Red Rims Lartigue Effect

I had a business trip to Oklahoma City last week. A coworker was driving and I had my Takashi 521 FX special effects camera along. As we passed vehicles I tried to capture their wheels to get the Lartigue distortion effect possible with the camera. I had a very low batting average what with the shutter delay and all.

I did get these wheels. Luckily they were red, after a little boosting from they were Ruby Red.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Red Cars all in a Row

Ruby Red Cars and a Bus

I noticed all these cars parked in a row one evening downtown. Plus a bonus bus in the background.

My first confession is that I boosted the color about as much as would let me. (The pink sidewalk gives me away!) My second confession is that this isn’t the first time I’ve done that. Am I kicked out of Ruby Tuesday?

Ruby Tuesday