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2022 Tulsa Veterans Day Parade


We had a big Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa today. First one I have been to in a while what with being retired and Covid and all that mess. It lasted a long time. In Tulsa we love our Vets and we show up for them. We had several color guards for instance.


The motorcycle cops did some fancy riding and looking all intimidating and such.


I guessed that these are reservists or something.


My employer sponsored the race and a bunch the employees marched.


There were dogs.


These planes did multiple flyovers.


There were vets in trailers.


And vets on trucks.


We had guys in kilts.


And high school JROTC cadets looking sharp.


Lots of vintage cars.


One guy brought his personal tank.


A couple celebrity storm trackers showed up. They got more decals than NASCAR racers.


And high school marching bands with baton twirlers showing their stuff.


And Firemen!!

It was quite a show. For the vets.


My brother was in the Navy a long time, now retired.


My Dad was in the US Army during the occupation of Japan after World War II. He’s no longer with us but I think of him every single day. He was proud of his service. Dad’s grandfather served in the Army during the Spanish American War and Dad has a brother, my uncle, who was an officer in Navy. I have a cousin who served in the Army in Korea way back when.


My brother-in-law Irvin is an Army vet. He and my sister and their kids lived all over the place during his service. That is the thing about having a family and being in the military. They serve as well. Irv has a grandson and a son-in-law currently serving.

To all our vets, we salute you and appreciate your service.

Veteran’s Day


Today is a day we hold special for honoring our Veterans. I’ll be attending Tulsa’s annual parade. If you live and can make your downtown I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite things about the parade are veteran’s who just show up wearing an old jacket that doesn’t fit them any longer and they just join in. Nobody minds. The other thing is all the Junior ROTC cadets that will be there from area schools.

Thank you Veterans.

Tulsa’s 2014 Veterans Day Parade


Its that time of year again. On a very chilly and windy day Tulsa had their Veterans Day Parade. We had marching JROTC units from high schools in the area. A few schools pulled their units out of the parade because of the weather. I get that but the kids that did show up were appreciated.


And we had all sorts of Veterans, some sitting on trailers. I bet they were freezing. I don’t know about you but sitting outside when it is freezing is very cold. On the other hand I don’t think some of these people could walk the distance.


We had women vets in red Thunderbirds. Now that it styling!!


And Jeeps. I don’t know what the deal is but there were lots of Jeeps. A coworker who had one in the parade said that there were over 70 of them. I think he undercounted. But hey, bring them on. An event has to change with the times to thrive and grow is what I think. If people want to bring their Jeeps, well that is okay with me.


Even the the pink Jeeps. Pink is hot these days.


And the motorcyclists. I have a love/hate relationship with motorcyclists. Right now I love them. Ask me tomorrow, who knows what my attitude will be tomorrow. Except tomorrow evening will be the start of my three day weekend. My attitude will be pretty good then!! Sorry, who cares what my attitude is.


I always enjoy the military vehicles.

They had a few marching bands. I saw this group performing down the street and thought they might do it again. They didn’t but they do march in style I think.


Something else new this year is that several corporations had people marching in the parade. This is Quik Trip a convenience store chain headquartered in Tulsa. They were not tossing candy but they were passing out coupons for free beverages, any size? I’ll take a beverage!


There is nothing like the old military vehicles. Isn’t this about the manliest thing you have ever seen? Beats the crap out of pink Jeeps that have never been off the pavement.


What I like the best are the Vets that just show up and get in the parade on their own. No entry fee for any entry and individuals can just show up.


So I love the walking Vets the best. The least we can do is show up and show our respect.

Veterans Day 2013

(Mural from the National World War One Museum in Kansas City)

Today is Veteran’s Day, the day that we remember our Veterans and thank them. Here in Tulsa we have a big parade which I’m missing this year because I have a meeting.

2010 Veterans Day collage 1

Lets thank not only the men and women in uniform but their wives, husbands, children, parents, brothers, sisters, and other loved ones who are affected also. Lets also think those Veterans young and old who used to be in uniform.

I’ve posted this Youtube video recently.  It is a British Remembrance Ceremony where poppies are dropped to commemorate those who lost their lives for their country. I find it very moving.

Tulsa’s Veteran’s Day Parade

Tulsa had their annual Veterans Day Parade on Monday. It is a big deal in Tulsa.

Veterans Day Parade 1.jpg

The Police motorcycles opened things up along with a color guard. I wear a hat almost always when I’m outside but not at this parade. I’m old school, when the flag comes by you take your lid off, unless you are in uniform of course. Khaki slacks and golf shirt is a uniform of sorts but not the right kind.

Memorial High Band.jpg

There were lots of marching bands.

Old Jeep.jpg

There were some old military vehicles.

New Vehicles.jpg

And some brand spanking new ones.


There were some very mature soldiers. This gentleman has been in every Veterans Parade I’ve seen.


And the Navy showed up. Navy, Tulsa, just go with it okay?

Cub scouts.jpg

And some of our future leaders showed up. Big smiles, walking proud. Kudos to whoever got them in the parade.


And some guys with kilts. Liz Cravens, my blog friend from Scotland said “ooooh they’re a bit gaudy!!!” and “Jeez louise I’ve seen more subdued pub carpets!!”


And lots and lots of flags.

Kudos to all the participants and to whoever organizes the parade. They do a great job ever year.

Veteran’s Day

It is Veteran’s Day – time to remember and appreciate our veterans.

Time to wave the flag and have parades.


These men and women sacrificed to help keep us free.


They are all over.


My Great Grandfather James, U.S. Army.


Great Uncle Rollo, U.S. Navy


My Uncle Glenn, U.S Navy


My Great Uncle Quentin, U.S. Navy

Idaho 2010 162

My brother Bob, U.S. Navy.


The best brother-in-law in the world Irvin, U.S. Army, and my Dad, U.S. Army.


My niece Jillian’s husband Brian, U.S. Army


My wife’s cousin’s son Tyler, U.S. Marine Corp


Tyler’s grandfather, Sweetie’s uncle, Glenn, U.S. Marine Corp.

We owe you.

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