Poems and Promises by Rosalind Cook in Honor of EG Camera Girl and Birdman

Poems and Promises Woodward Park HDR

Friday at lunch I hauled the Nikon over to Tulsa’s Woodward Park to take some pics of stuff. You know Spring type stuff, daffodils and such. I got those pics and I got this one. Actually, this sculpture is hard to photograph decently because it is dark and the shadows and all that so I bracketed it with three photos in succession each about 2 fstops different; under exposed, right exposed, and over exposed. I then combined the three pics with some software I had and I got something halfway decent.

At least we can see her face and the background isn’t blown out. If I were a photographer instead of picture taker I could monkey around a little more but this what I get. This sculpture is named Poems and Promises and it was gifted to the City of Tulsa back in 2010 by the Sculptor, Rosalind Cook, and her husband. I think it is incredibly beautiful!!

I got to thinking that I had posted this art before and sure enough I posted some film photos back in 2012 so I went back and checked it out and and what stunned me were the first two commenters: EG CameraGirl and Birdman. EG CameraGirl was a Canadian blogger whopassed away at the end of February as a result of car accident where her husband died and Birdman was from Maine and died of a heart attack just after retiring from a long career as a high school teacher.

They were both full of life and had unique blogs and were lively, interesting, and humorous comments and both very encouraging. I never met either one in real life but I feel that I knew them. I know that I miss them both. So this post is dedicated to them.

8 thoughts on “Poems and Promises by Rosalind Cook in Honor of EG Camera Girl and Birdman

  1. DeniseinVA

    I knew of Tina but did not know about Birdman. I didn’t follow his blog but am still saddened by his passing. Two wonderful people who will be greatly missed. In our blogging world we feel a close kinship to so many without having met.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    What a very lovely tribute to both. I did not know Birdman, though I remember seeing his comments on other blogs, probably yours among them, and thinking I should go visit his. . But Tina (EG Camera Girl) was a regular visitor (and I was to her lovely blog) and I miss her greatly. It really is like losing a friend — blogging is an amazing world.

  3. Driller's Place

    Photographing sculpture seems to be very difficult, but this is really well done. I need to work on some techniques. I have friends that composite images, bracket images, time lapse images etc. I have yet to do any of that. Every day I am reminded just how little I know about this hobby/pastime called photography. Nice work Yogi.

  4. Gaelyn

    Bloggers are real friends whether we’ve met them in real time or not. These two will be missed. Your photo and tribute is moving.

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