Skywatch Friday – The Last Week or So


Heather and I went to see Pink here in Tulsa at her concert. I tell you what she can sing, and she can fly. Toward the end she got geared up and flew on wire from one end of the arena to the other. Up high in the air and cruising just over everybody’s head. She was amazing.


Massed decorations in stores creep me out. Even these birds.


I happen to think that gnomes are evil.


The gardens of Philbrook Museum has daffodils. I love them, especially on gloomy days.


I found some artistic bee hives at Philbrook also. Gardens, no matter how fancy have those areas at the very back where they put all their left over stuff. Do you think they will reuse those hives? I hope so. My MIL, Nana, buys us a membership to Philbrook every year. I love it, I can just pop in and pop out and see what I want. I feel pretty comfortable there. They might think I am a little too comfortable.


Philbrook has an “Installation” as they say by Rachel Hayes, a textile artist. The installation is spectacular but I get to thinking, what happens to the installation later? I mean do they ship it back to her, put it in their dumpsters, is it recycled? Just what or do they store it for posterity. Yes, I worry about this kind of stuff. I tell you what I think. I think they have the material returned to them, and they cut it up, and reuse it. You see I have known a few artists and they hate to throw away stuff and they will reuse what they can.  Hey, I can respect that.


I ventured out to Tulsa’s Graffiti “Permission Zone” at the former Mad Mike’s Liquors. The liquor store was okay with the graffiti but I wonder if a new occupant would be so welcoming. I posted a cropped version of this photo on Instagram and several people popped up and said that the female figure is an Anime figure, “Morrigan” from the Darkstalker Series. Uh? You over feel that there is a lot of stuff going on that you don’t know about.


A driveby moonrise.


In my photography class we did light painting. The instructor arranged all these cameras on a table in a totally dark room then illuminated them with a flashlight for 90 seconds while we held our shutters open on our tripod mounted cameras and then got colored light sticks out to create the ribbons. Totally cool! is what I thought.


A couple weeks ago I walked a trail run. I have not run since November so I walked this quarter marathon. The race was in the third day of racing after several days of rain so it was muddy. Since I was walking I tried to stay out of the mud and I was okay but there were a few places like the creek above where I just had to slog through the ice cold water.


Similar thing here. The trail, which has running water in it, is paralleling a creek. Off to the right is some pretty thick brush. Just smile and splish splash.


But hey, we eventually made it to the top of Holmes Peak, the tallest point in Tulsa County, big sky in all directions. You can see the high rises of Tulsa off in the distance. I love the big skies of Oklahoma. I have to report that it took me about four hours to go the six and change miles. It was slow going!!

Happy Skywatching is what I am saying this week, and linking to also.

23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – The Last Week or So

  1. Driller's Place

    Yep, gnomes are the devil. There is far more stuff going on in this world than I am aware of. Just listening to the grand kids makes me feel like one of us is from another planet. Light painting is just too cool, but I have not tried it yet. Keep on keeping on the road to recovery. Have a blessed week.

  2. Ellen

    I’m jealous that you got to see Pink. She is not only a good singer and entertainer, but she seems to be a good person too. I’m thinking about starting some beehives. We have the space, but Irv says he won’t care for them this summer while I’m gone so it may have to wait until next year. I’ve just started researching how to do it and it doesn’t seem too complicated once the initial setup is done. When I watch the Grammy’s or other music award shows that aren’t country I realize just how much I don’t know about. I don’t know any of the new artists. Slogging through the water is one of my least favorite things when I’m out on a hike, I hate getting my shoes wet. Looks like you had a good week. Beautiful view from the top of your mountain.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Wild guess — but I bet your friends on Instagram skew younger than your friends here on Blogs. Be fun to know for sure.. Thanks for hosting and yup, the linky thingy isn’t working on SWF. I’ll be back to try again (and I’m sure everybody else will too — because we’re older and patient.)

  4. Pat

    Daffodils already? Ours won’t be up until May! Did you know a garden gnome cartoon movie is coming out soon? It is called “Sherlock Gnome” or something like that –very comical. Nice hike/run–glad your knees are doing well!

  5. Jane Cotton

    Great post and interesting that you have Daffs already growing, its been too cold here because of the “Beast from The East”. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Susie of Arabia

    Wow Yogi – what an interesting and varied week you had! Love the photography class – what a cool shot. The rising moon, the different art shots, the painted beehives. But I really love daffodils – they don’t last long enough for me…

  7. Alana

    I love Pink’s physicality. I think I would go to one of her concerts just to see that. It’s nice seeing spring (we are more than a month away from seeing daffodils here in upstate New York). Spring mud, though, is not a favorite.

  8. Angie

    I only know about anime because our son read/watched a lot of it during high school. To oversimplify, it is Japanese animation, often involving Japanese superheroes.

    I admire you slogging through mud and water – I am pretty finicky about where I run – don’t know why I don’t like to get my shoes dirty!!!

    I have never understood the desire to put gnomes anywhere, when you can plant flowers (or install beehives)!

  9. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Hiking to the top of anywhere is always a happy accomplishment — and that big sky is wonderful. Love the Philbrook flowers, admire your dedication, hate the gnomes (but you already probably guessed that). Thank you for the sky-sharing opportunity!

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