Weekend Reflections – Turkey Mountain

Wednesday evening after work I headed to Turkey Mountain. Much has been happening lately and I can always get my head on straight up on the Mountain.


It has been raining lately so the trails are not as dusty as they were last summer. 


There are even some sizeable puddles alongside some of the trails.

Puddle Reflection

I’ve been experimenting with puddle reflections lately. You can really do that during a drouth. The above is one of my favorites so far.


The Westside YMCA runs a day camp on the north side of the mountain. They had spruced up their trail signs. I could hear some loud drumming and yelling going on. I was curious about what was going on but I stayed away. 


I did stop and take a pic of their fishing pond though. Nice to see them starting to fill up again.


A previous employer of mine has a pipeline that runs across the mountain. I’m big into connectivity and I’m very familiar with this pipeline and the network it connects to. If I bang it with a hammer (I’d never do that of course it would damage the coating) I can just imagine the sound traveling from here to almost every state in the lower 48 and Canada and also Mexico. I have maps so that I can show you just how that would work. Of course, you would have to put your ears to the pipe and listen very attentively to hear me hammering.


My new trailrunning friend. We ran together for a little bit but I was too slow for him so he waved and was off.


At the parking lot, two final reflections, Cityplex Tower and the full moon both reflecting the sun back at me.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Turkey Mountain

  1. Gaelyn

    Nice to have such a beautiful natural place to center oneself. Love the puddle reflection. Not too sure about the pipeline.

  2. 'Tsuki

    That’s a great place : perfect to catch some awasome reflection… There is nothing like a good walk in nature.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    I wouldn’t be kidding about the tortoise beating me. But I’m probably older than it is!

    Seriously know what you mean about seeking solace in nature to get your mind off “stuff.” It works for me.

  4. Ellen

    Looks like a beautiful place to go and clear your mind. Your trail running buddy is adorable, I’m glad you didn’t step on him.

  5. EG CameraGirl

    It’s good to be out in nature when there’s much to think about. So sorry you found it difficult keeping up with your running pal. I wonder if tapping Morse Code on the pipe would work almost as well a Twitter.

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