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Skywatch Friday – Scenes of Winter


I kind of collect trees. I don’t dig them up or anything like that but I do take pictures of them. These two are my latest acquistion. I can’t tell if they like each other but you can tell they have lived with other a long time.


Here is a winter sky from a clearing not far away. I love winters. Yes it is kind of cold but it has its own kind of beauty.


Photo courtesy of Cheri Lou Gastineau

We have had a spell of cold weather here in Oklahoma that is uncomfortably long. Ranchers have to go out and break the ice so their livestock can drink water.

Western Oklahoma Cowscape

Western Oklahoma Cowscape  Adjust

3G Ranch, Washita County, Oklahoma

We were in western Oklahoma last weekend visiting relatives. As part of our visit we went out to check the cattle.  Usually by the time July rolls around the color is washed out of the landscape but this year with all the rain the grass was still green and belly high. I’ve spent a lot of time in western Oklahoma and I love the friendly  open people, the big sky and seas of grass across the rolling landscape.

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