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Skywatch Friday – Christmas is Coming


Courtesy of Cheri Lou Gastineau

Here is a crowd scene in western Oklahoman. Tough looking but nothing like Tulsa shoppers on a shopping rampage.


Courtesy of Cheri Lou Gastineau

And here’s security, a guard donkey keeping the bad guys at bay.


Here is my happy spot. Not this Christmas but maybe future??

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Skywatch Friday – Western Oklahoma Skies

Custer County Clouds - glow

Using Topaz Glow

Western Oklahoma is defined by its wide open spaces and big skies. It is like you can see the weather coming two days in advance. It seems flat until you actually spend time there. It is rolling with deep gullys for the creeks and rivers. The land makes you feel free and ready for anything.

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Western Oklahoma Cowscape

Western Oklahoma Cowscape  Adjust

3G Ranch, Washita County, Oklahoma

We were in western Oklahoma last weekend visiting relatives. As part of our visit we went out to check the cattle.  Usually by the time July rolls around the color is washed out of the landscape but this year with all the rain the grass was still green and belly high. I’ve spent a lot of time in western Oklahoma and I love the friendly  open people, the big sky and seas of grass across the rolling landscape.

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Our World Tuesday – Crashing a Pool Party

This past weekend we ventured out to the big skies of western Oklahoma.  We had lots of fun but let me tell you about one thing that happened. And I swear that it all happened just like I say below, more or less.


We drove a long ways down a dirt road. A red dirt road. We have lots of red dirt in Oklahoma, and it doesn’t wash off.


And then we turned off the dirt road and made our own road. You know why….??


To crash a pool party!!!


Hmmm, have you ever felt not really totally welcome at a party?


So rather than jump in, we started taking pictures. Here is Sue Carol and Glenn.


And here is Logan, Nana, and Heather.


Well here is….well here is trouble is what this is: Sue Carol, Heather, Nana, and Cheri Lou (aka the ring leader.)


And here is the ring leader with her husband Joe. Everything was going along great and then…


This happened!! Whoa, slow down guys. I know I told you guys to act like you like each other. But hey, slow down I said. Easy!


Things happened fast after that. This one stomped off first.


And then the rest of herd stampeded off. Who knew that cows could be such prudes.


And here is Juliette leading off Roscoe, “…in front of a child..” Juliette was heard muttering. You know, when the donkeys shun you, it must be bad.


But we kept on clicking. With all the rain at least they didn’t leave a cloud of dust.

And I swear this all happened just like I said, more or less.

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