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Fall is Here


It doesn’t look like it but it is raining and cool this morning. I think Fall is falling. It is about time. We had a pretty mild summer as summers go here in Tulsa but I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures. Autumn is Tulsa’s best season and it lasts a long time.

Harbinger of Autumn

Cottonwood Tree

Oxley Nature Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma Topaz Impressions

It is getting to be late September. Pretty soon the weather will break and Tulsa’s long wonderful Fall season will be upon us. You can already tell that things are changing. Although still hot, the sun is a little lower. The mornings are a little cooler. The sky gets a little bluer. There is something subtle about a cottonwood tree that heralds the coming of Fall. I don’t know if is a subtle change in the color of its leaves or just what, maybe my imagination, but I can tell that things are changing.

How can you tell that the seasons are changing?