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Skywatch Flowers – Yellow Flower Edition


I hate to say it but I have been uninspired by our skies lately. Either is overcast and gloomy or we have beautiful days without a cloud in the sky. So I dug up a photo from April a couple years ago of a yellow flower in the sky. All I can say now is “Come on April!!”

How about you, are you looking forward to April? I know I am but first we have to have the Super Bowl.

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Skywatch Friday – Evening Run


No filter, no software, no nothing, right out of the camera.

The weather was perfect for my Wednesday night run on the river: temperature in the mid 40’s and no wind. It felt almost warm. I got to the Arkansas River just as the sun was going down. My Nikon AW110 point and shoot has a night landscape mode so I tried it out and it wasn’t too bad. This was from the east side of the river. 


When I went across to the west side of the river, the sun was long gone but I took a shot east across the river to downtown Tulsa. I cropped the photo and it has a little fuzzy wuzzy about it but not too bad. Mainly I like the reflection of the buildings in the river.

I am still in recovery from my injury in September and I have my good days and my not so good days. Wednesday night was one of the not so good runs. Both legs were aching and I decided to cut things short at three miles instead of my planned five  but at about the 1.5 mile point things started coming together and feeling better and I finished my shortened run strong.

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Skywatch Friday – Hawaiian Sky

Hawaiian Skywatch - Restyle

I haven’t been taking very many decent sky pictures here in Oklahoma lately. It is either bright blue skies or rainy or overcast so I’ve gone back to the archives to our trip to Hawaii last summer. Talk about breathtakingly beautiful scenery everywhere you look. I think this was the island of Kauai. I’m terrible about documenting my photos, just terrible.

The weather has turned pretty nippy here. I have to tell you that Tulsa is as far north as what I want to live.  The Gulf Coast is beckoning me right now, something fierce. I hate being cold!!

How about you? Are you happy where you are or wish you somewhere else? When I put it like that, I’m like, yes I’m happy right where I am at. Plus if I moved I would just find something else to complain about.

So I guess I’ll stay a while.

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Skywatch Friday – Front Porch Sunrise

December Sunrise - Topaz Glow - Whisker Wires II 54 pct

True Confessions – I used Topaz Glow

A shot to the southeast off my front porch a week or so ago. Sometimes you don’t need to drive a long ways to get a photograph.

I hope that everybody had a good Christmas. I know I did. I’ve been very lazy, read some books, watched a few movies, stayed up late, slept in late, getting really fat.

So now we have New Years. Everybody have a good time and stay safe. I wish everybody a great and prosperous New Year!

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Christmas Moon 2015

Christmas Moon 2015

I’ve been reading about the Full Moon that we were supposed to get Christmas night. The big deal is that it is the first full moon on Christmas since 1977. We are supposed to have some weather blow in so I was wondering if we would even be able to see the moon at all but low and behold we could.

So I got my new camera out and put it on the tripod, the Nikon D5300 and went out there but it didn’t seem to be getting it done so I grabbed my Canon SX40 SuperZoom and tried it out. Even with the tripod it took a long time to get a decent shot where I got good magnification yet kept got the whole moon. This is at about x68 magnification. The camera does x35 optically and the rest digitally.

And just because it is Christmas I will tell you that I ran the the photo through Topaz Lab’s Adjust software first to bring out the details and second to give a little color range to the details.

it is kind of hard to beat the Canon SX40 for moon photography. I couldn’t make it work until I consulted Mr. Google and I learned to just put the camera on “Auto” and let it do the work. I did and it works great.

So, did you have a chance to go check it out this Christmas night?

Skywatch Friday – Morning River Parks Sky

RiverTrails parks with a flag - Topaz Textures Color Burst

I dropped the kid off at school the other morning and being a day off I spent a few minutes walking on the River. It was the start of a glorious day. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, the air was clear and cold with a stiff breeze. It doesn’t get better than that.

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Skywatch Friday – Afternoon Walk Around the Pond

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For Thanksgiving we spent with family western Oklahoma. It is truly the land of the big skies and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, son Logan, brother Bob, and I went on a walk around a local pond. It was spectacular, not a cloud in the deep blue sky, the grass and brush were a golden color but the trees still had a lot of green on them. It was like a perfect moment that I will remember forever.

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