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Shadow Shot Sunday – Tulsa’s Linnaeus Teaching Gardens

(True Confession Time – This photo is a couple of years old. I am so ashamed! But how can you do a post about the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens without a picture of Carl Linnaeus? The rest of the photos are just a couple week old, honest, really, yes really.)

A couple of weeks ago I found myself with a few minutes to spare between engagements so I went through the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens at Woodward Park here in Tulsa. It is a lot of garden shoehorned nicely into a relatively small space. It has also got lots of shadows.

(The couple on the left were courting the 21st century way: Texting!. Holding hands is so 20th century.)

The entrance is very inviting and shady. You can just barely see Carl way down at the end of the walk.


There are tables and chairs for relaxing.


And benches.

(Maybe here is where I tell you that the gardens are now closed until Mother’s Day. Sorry.)

And stone seating areas.

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Shadow Shot Sunday at the Idaho Falls Zoo

They have more than animals at Idaho Falls’ Tautphaus Park Zoo.


They got some nice shady shadowy places to rest.


Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy took advantage of the bench.


We are back in Tulsa now and we are loading SPB up to drive half a day down to Texas to deliver him to a Summer Camp. We’re going to miss him! But we are going to have fun ourselves. I hope that we remember to go pick him up.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday -Trio

I’m showing three shadow shots today.


First is late afternoon by my MIL swimming pool. Sitting out by the pool this time of year is lots of fun.


Second is early morning in Payson, Arizona. Arizona doesn’t put up with foolishness like illegal immigration nor daylight savings time so this was like 6 am which is still pretty dark in Oklahoma.


This last is a self portrait from back in February.

Shadowshot Sunday2