Boots, BBQ, and Boogie at Cain’s Ballroom


The preparations have been going on for some time.

The Yogi’s, Nana, and a few friends went to the Boots, BBQ, and Boogie fund raiser for Bit by Bit at Cain’s Ballroom. The legendary music hall just north of downtown Tulsa.

They had a hard core Country Western Band for the Boogie part, and the dancing part. That’s where the boots come in you know.

Cain's Ballroom Band

The place just drips history,

Cain's Collage Two

Many names from the distant past played there.

Cain's Ballroom Stars

The music is loud!!!

Too Loud Sign

Country Music isn’t my favorite but I’m still of the “If it is too loud, then you are too old.” school. No offense!


Nice, uh, t shirts for sale.


As you can tell, everybody had a good time.

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23 thoughts on “Boots, BBQ, and Boogie at Cain’s Ballroom

  1. Sylvia K

    It does look like a fun time for all! Love the boots and, yep, too loud — too old! No offense from this end! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  2. Gaelyn

    Don’t know how anybody can dance in those kinds of boots. Makes my feet hurt just looking. Yet sounds like a grand time, even if earplugs were needed. I Love the ladies jewelry, especially that squash blossom.

  3. Janie

    Looks like a fun place to visit. Love the boots. I would opt for ear plugs — but then, I freely admit I’m too old…

  4. GW Bill Miller

    Looks like you all had a good time. I haven’t been in Cains in a long time, since before it was renovated.

    I grew up in western boots. They are fun to dance in as they kind of put you up on the balls of your feet. They look good in jeans too. Ah the memories.

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