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Shadow Shot Sunday – Out and About Edition

I thought this shadow of garland strung on a bridge looked like an EKG or maybe a stock market graph or something like that.

I love the pure geometry of this.

A bright sun makes for sharp shadows.

Not strictly a shadow shot, or maybe not a shadow shot at all. I love these dried blooms.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Turkey Mountain and Town Shadows

On Turkey Mountain late one afternoon on a beautiful sunny day.

At the Slide Vale at Tulsa’s Gathering Place early one morning.

Downtown Tulsa. The city is letting restaurants use the parking spaces in front of their businesses to make “parklets” for outside seating. Great idea in these pandemic days.

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Our World – Tulsa’s Gathering Place Partially Opens


The Gathering Place is Tulsa’s relatively new riverside park. Like lots of other such facilities during this pandemic it has been shut down. They partially opened in late May and I went in one morning to check it out. The paths through the park and the bicycle and scooter pump tracks are open but all the buildings and play areas are still for closed for the present.

ONEOK Boathouse Reflections
Reflection of the ONEOK Boat House

There were hardly any people there. I saw a total of maybe seven or eight people in the brief time I was there, plus a few staff members.


I had somewhere to go or I might have spent some time in one of these rocking chairs. That’s what us old retired guys do, right?

Indian Blanket
Indian Blanket

The vegetation in and around the park is kind of all natural. There are some large grassy lawns but the rest is wildflowers and other ground cover designed for low maintenance and less watering. I have a friend who lived close to the park and her yard became overrun with rats and mice, and snakes who eat them. The park was saying don’t worry, it’s all good. My friend moved and I think the park is trying to be more neighborhood friendly. It doesn’t seem quite so “jungley” any longer.

Pink Ladies
Pink Lady

I have lots of photos of the play structures so this time I spent some time photographing the wildflowers and plants. Didn’t see any rats or snakes I am glad to report. I Id’d the plants by taking photos of the screen with my inaturalist app. If I am wrong let me know!!


I’ve been following the Covid-19 status pretty closely here in Oklahoma. New cases plunged for a while but seem to be inching back up. Deaths and hospitalizations seem to be in a holding pattern for now. June 1 marks further opening in the state and I hope that new cases don’t spike up.

Everybody stay safe and be considerate of others.

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