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Inspired Sunday – Fall Color in Idaho

Idaho Falls Color Impressions Liq lines 36 pct

I am up in Idaho for a few days visiting my dad and helping him get his house ready for winter. Idaho is a few weeks ahead of Oklahoma in Fall color. We were passing this LDS church coming back from dinner and I turned around and parked a took a few pics. I love the colors of Autumn. It is the best time of the year for me. Warm days, cool, nights, sign me  up!

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School Outing at Firey Trails

Friday night our son’s school had their annual Fall outing at Firey Trails a meeting place way out in the woods west of Tulsa.


Son always likes it. It wasn’t cold at all. In fact he told, I’m really hot. I said take your jacket off dude. Oh yeah he said. Sometimes I wonder?


Bill, the man who is here, there, and everywhere, cooked the hot dogs and later told stories at the camp fire.


It wasn’t explicitly a Halloween event but some students showed up with costumes. This young man wanted to make sure that I got the teeth in the photo.


I forget what this young man is supposed to be. A superhero of some sort no doubt.


The medic for the Wolverine. I innocently asked who is the Wolverine. That led to a long involved discussion that I just couldn’t follow about the Wolverine and his superpowers and the relationship to other superheros. 


Hot dogs, chips, chili, fritos, cookies, cake, pop. All the basic food groups. You have to have a well rounded meal.


And of course smores. Here one of the dads shows the youngin’s how it is done.


Amazing how the vibes change from year to year. Sometimes the students are full of energy and halfway wild with lots of drama. Friday night the mood was mellow.


Of course the hayride is the can’t miss event. Especially the last ride of the night. Upper classes only and it gets attacked by the Seniors. Lots of noise during the attack. Three pairs of glasses lost.


For the moms the big event was one young man with a guitar who wanted to play a song for his girlfriend on the bridge. Of course he made the mistake of saying that that was what he wanted to do. The moms were all swooning and falling all over themselves. I was proud of him, he is figuring out this girl thing early. (Some of us never do.) (Note I had permission, if “knock yourself out” is permission, from the young man’s mother to  photograph the event.)

Another year at Firey Trails in the books.

Our World – Turkey Mountain Autumn


Saturday, son SuperPizzaBoy and I made a trek on Turkey Mountain here in Tulsa to replace a geocache of ours that had gone missing.


The weather was ridiculously warm, up in the 70’s, and it was very dry.


Turkey Mountain had a lot of fall color. With the clear sky and sunny day it was almost sparkly.


It was very windy in Tulsa and the tops of trees on the mountain were being blown hard by the wind but it was still on the ground.


We pretty much had the place to ourselves. Some sort of mountain biking event was winding down by the time we got there. Once we got a quarter mile from the parking lot we only saw a handful of people in the hours we were there.


Good thing we went yesterday because it rained pretty hard up there Sunday and it got cold and overcast. We could use the rain, the ponds and lakes are getting low.


We were both tired by the time we finished but I think we both had a good time.


Have you taken a good walk this Fall?

Our World Tuesday

Mandarin Orange Monday – Pumpkin Patch

I had my day off Friday so among other things we loaded up and headed off to Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch in Bixby, a suburb of Tulsa.

Logan Heather Scarecrow

SuperPizzaBoy and Sweetie, hanging with a scarecrow.

Pumpkins 9

The place was crawling with pumpkins and with munchkins.

Pumpkins 7

I love Fall the sun is lower, the shadows are cooler, the colors are wonderful.


SPB’s favorite is the Hay House. The kids go in one end and out the other, over and over and over. He’s a freshman in high school but he made several trips. Talk about hay fever afterward.


There is so much to see and so much to do at a good pumpkin patch. I can’t believe it is mostly free. I mean the pumpkins are not but what a picture taker’s paradise. (Note, I’m not a photographer, you say “yeah, no kidding Yogi”,  I’m a picture take. I take pictures, photographers capture images.)



And critters, Carmichael’s has critters.


Don’t you just love goats.


I love taking pictures of others capturing images. Pumpkin patches are happy places. It always seems like everybody is in a good mood and the kids don’t get overexcited. Even the staff seems to have lots of patience.

Logan with Pumpkin 1

SPB found his. Sweetie insists on stems for at least one. Why? Because she knows best that is why. Any other questions?

Hey we have been to the #pumpkin_patch #tulsa

Something about pumpkins, and pictures of pumpkins, is cool!!

#pumpkins on the porch #tulsa

Here they are on the front porch. Ready for some smart aleck to smash!

Have you been to a pumpkin patch this year?

Mandarin Orange Monday

High School Hayride

Fall is here it is time for SuperPizzaBoy’s school to have their annual hayride.

They found a place way out in the woods. No bars out here, literally, no updates, no nothing, whazzup with that?


You can update your status with one of the camp dogs. Friendliest critters you’ve ever met.


Warm up around the fire.


Go feed the goats. Hungry little buggers.


Play some volleyball maybe?


How about some high spirited boys?


Load up, everybody face in, don’t get in or out, no horseplay!! Adults have been making and kids breaking rules forever.


After a dinner of dogs and chili, try out some smores. Everybody has their own technique. Mine is the best. No, make your own!!


Time for some spooky stories!!
Time to clean up and go home. Another hayride on the books.


I’m all ready for Fall. We have everything but the cool weather so far.


We are still wearing short sleeves at night here in Oklahoma.


I know not to complain about mother nature. It will cool off soon enough.


Fall is the best time of the year here in Oklahoma. Warm days, cool nights, low humidity.


It doesn’t last very long though.


How is your Fall going?