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Our World – Philbrook Museum of Art

Last week me and SuperPizzaBoy had some time to ourselves to we went to the Philbrook Museum of Art. We are members thanks to the world’s great MIL, SPB’s Grandmother “Nana.”


We di the whole thing, inside and out, we saw great murals.


Native American Pottery


Modern Native American Art


People brunching.


We love the entry hall at museum, it is grand and very geometric.


A painting of the Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran.


Their collection on Modern Design


We even liked the fireplace screens.


And in a house built by a oil tycoon do you expect the wild naked fish riding women to stay under covers? So to speak.


We also love the gardens of the museum.


We saw both Philbrook cats.


SPB went to say hello, the cat had things to do and places to be.

Philbrook is the place to be if you find yourself in Tulsa.

OurWorld Tuesday

Philbrook Museum Festival of the Trees

Tuesday I met Sweetie and world’s best MIL, Nana at the Philbrook Museum here in Tulsa to check out their Festival of Trees. Also it is Nana’s birthday! This is from last year, darn me I don’t have a picture of them together since then. Take it from me, they both get better looking ever year.


The Festival of the Trees is all about Christmas. So of course they had a Santa.


And all sorts of trees made by local individuals, classes, and other groups. You can buy these works of art.


If I had a cabin in the woods, I would want this tree for that. It needs a little color though. I’m thinking some red strands of some sorts.


This was my favorite tree. I loved it.


Nana liked this one. Of course she is decorating for a tropical Christmas this year.


This is what she has in her living room. You should see what her tree is.


I liked this frame full of balls.


This I found plain disturbing. I’m going to have nightmares.


I think this is the Blair Witch Project tree. That is also very disturbing.


I don’t find this disturbing at all.


They had gingerbread houses also. I loved this little red school house. I reserve the right to repost for Ruby Tuesday, anybody mind?


This was the most joyous house. I love how they glued the kids faces to each of the cookies. Or maybe, maybe that might be a little disturbing also. What do you think?


A “Cars” themed post. Love it, love it, love it. Second best movie ever made.


And for you Christmas lovers from the People’s Republic of Kansas. A special “OZ” gingerbread house. I love the ruby slippers underneath the house.


And Hogwarts, I love Harry Potter. Those movies are all tied for about 6th on the alltime best movie list.


And this was my favorite gingerbread house of all. I like how it is at an angle and whopperjawed and all that. Whopperjawed is an Oklahoma technical term. I have a lot of readers from Canada and Great Britain who need some translation sometimes.

Anyway, we looked around and then I had to leave. Helping America solve her energy problems and all that you know.

Gaillardia Serendipity


Friday was my day off, so Sweetie and I dropped the kid off at school, had breakfast and then headed to  Tulsa’s fabulous Philbrook Museum. We saw the most valuable items ever found on the show Antiques Roadshow. These five rhinoceros horn cups were appraised for $1.3 million when the show came to Tulsa on July 23. If you have any rhinoceros horn cups in the attic I’d go find them if I were you, they are worth some serious money!


We also saw some weeds. Except don’t touch, they are not weeds. This is art. By Tony Matelli. Click on the link to see his web site. He is seriously not from Oklahoma. Very talented though.


And then to the gardens. They are beautiful.


We saw my old friend, the car bumper rhino.


And what Sweetie told me was Gaillardia, I said “Whoa, get back!!” Isn’t Gaillardia a serious tropical disease? Like coral snakes though, deadly but pretty.


Then we left Philbrook and went to the Linnaeus teaching gardens. There we found some Gazania. Beautiful.

Gazania 1

At the entrance we saw the statue of Linnaeus. Wait, what does he have in his right hand?

Hey, the deadly Gaillardia. I wonder if that is what he died of?


And look at the book in his left hand, again.


And on a plaque behind him.


Supposed Gaillardia thrives in hot weather. It should be the kudzu of Oklahoma in that case. Turns out, Gaillardia Pulchella is Oklahoma’s State Flower. It is otherwise known as Indian Paintbrush.

Today’s Flowers

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My World Tuesday – Gingerbread Houses

You know something? The Philbrook Museum Festival of Trees has Gingerbread Houses in addition to trees.


This is my favorite. it is a south Louisiana type theme that I just love. Sorry about the fuzziness.


This is my sentimental favorite. It as made by some students from my son’s school.


This is the most fun. It’s not a gingerbread house but I love it anyhow.

The Festival of the Trees ends December 12 so if you live in the Tulsa area and want to attend you better get to the Philbrook Museum.

Check out My World Tuesday.

Do Y’all Remember Nana’s Birthday

Do y’all remember that time when Sweetie was trying to figure out what to do for her mother’s birthday? Do you.


She couldn’t figure out what to do until she fueled her imagination with a tiny bit of liquid inspiration.


I remember what she said, Oh I about died, it was perfect, it was brilliant. Do you remember what I said to her? Do ya? Huh? Yeah, I’m not repeating it. I told her that she didn’t have …. if she didn’t do it. You remember that? I double dog dared her is what I did. She’s a genius Sweetie is. I’ll tell you that much.

Oh yeah, Nana should have known something was up! Yeah she should have but she didn’t. Do ya remember that it was only noon and we popped open some bubbly? Do ya?


Didn’t you love this sight. Nana sipping on a little bubbly. I hadn’t seen her sip anything in years. You could tell she was a little nervous. She didn’t know where we were taking her. Do ya remember that? Do you remember what Sweetie told her? It was great, Sweetie told that she had it under control. Oh, I about rolled, it was great.


And then do you remember when Travis showed up? Oh Nana didn’t know what to think about guy showing with balloons saying Happy Birthday. Didn’t she, huh? She was nervous. I think she thought he was from Chippendales. Yeah, she didn’t know what was going on. I laughed so hard. Look at Sweetie, she about died.


Sweetie hired a limo for the afternoon. Isn’t that wild. That’s not something the Yogi’s do. That’s why I had to double dog dare her. A double dog dare has to be answered.

Do you remember the ride, wasn’t it wild.

There is me and Sweetie. She’s into it. We’re having a party. Notice Shannon in the background stealing a sip. Hey its sparkling cider! Yeah, you believe it, we are in a limo drinking sparkling cider?


Speaking of Shannon, wasn’t she just the best. That lady was crazy. Remember what she said about those pinpoint lights above her? Oh, it was great, I’m not repeating it. She was crazy, she was fun.


And Nana, the star, getting into it flanked by brother Bob, and Donna. You can tell Nana is getting into it already. Yeah, you remember that? One minute in the limo she acts like she has been riding limos all her life. I laughed so hard. That’s Nana, she’s irrepressible. You gotta move fast if you want to stay ahead of her.


And Patty and SPB. That Patty, she’s quiet but she is always in the thick of things. She’s game for anything. And who gave SPB a camera? That kid is crazy. He was out of control. Hey kid, let Dad see what you are taking picture of.


Where’d we go? Travis took us to the Philbrook Museum for lunch. You see mother and daughter? I was still laughing, Nana is happy and Sweetie is happy that Nana is happy. And I was happy that, well you get the picture.


Afterwards we toured the museum. Do you remember what that crazy Superpizzaboy was doing? Do you? Do you remember when he got busted by his mother taking pictures of the naked ladies? He about died he did. Look at his face. I about busted a gut. He is is so 12 years old. Waving at Santa Claus one minute, taking pictures of naked ladies the next.

Caught taking pics of naked art

Travis was cool, he took us on a tour of Utica Park before we went home. Here is a pic of the birthday crew.


Happy Birthday Nana! Hey Sweetie, what are we doing next year?