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Signs, Signs, – Paris Hatters – Purveyor of Cowboy Hats to the Vatican

Paris Hatters

I love San Antonio. I go ever other year there for an industry convention. The riverwalk area is nice but so is white bread and homogenized milk. Away from the hordes on the river there are lots of interesting buildings and businesses. I came across this treasure. Paris Hatters, a cowboy hat store since 1917. Still family owned after all these years. (No I didn’t buy one.)

Paris Hatters Street

The store has sold hats to several US Presidents, a bunch of rock stars, but the customer that I loved the most was Pope John Paul II. 

(Of course it was a white hat.)

What is your favorite hat store? I’m going to tell you that next time I go to San Antonio I’m going to Paris Hatters and getting my own danged cowboy hat. Who’s with me?

Signs, Signs- Deep Downtown Tulsa

I get off work at 6 pm so it is pretty much dark when I get off work these days. So I’ve been seeking out some neon signs on the way home.


I really like the Atlas Life Building’s Sign. I just wish they could light up the globe that Atlas is straining to hold up.


If you back up a little bit on Boston Avenue it makes Tulsa look like a regular city. Tulsa already has their snowflake Christmas lights up.


Even the building next to my parking space looks metropolitan.


Speaking of globes the Tulsa World’s sign lights up the globe and the globe even rotates.


For those who are overwhelmed by the prospect of holding up the world they can go drown their troubles at Orphas. Tulsa highest class dive bar.

Signs, Signs