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Digital Art Meme – Art Deco Canyon

Tulsa's Art Deco Canyon

I took this pic on Saturday morning with my Nikon AW110 point and shoot camera. I like it because it is small, waterproof, and shock proof so I take it with me almost everywhere I go especially when I go running or hiking.

So then I took the photo, uploaded it to Flickr,  and moved it over to my Ipod Touch and used an app called “DistressedFX” to put a texture on it and it made everything “pop.” So I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and uploaded back to Flickr and so here we are.

More and more of my photo processing is done on my Ipod Touch. It is just a lot easier to do that than firing up the ole laptop and loaded Photoshop and trying to figure out what I need to do. Photography and editing is changing fast.  Who knows what we will be doing in a few years.

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Digital Art Meme – Sunlit Steel

Sunset Building - Topaz Glow Liquify I 55 pct

I was driving home Tuesday afternoon and I noticed the light coming off the beams of this bank building that is under construction. I had to (I just had to!) pull off on a parking light and take a pic with my phone. I amped up the reflections off the steel with a dose of Topaz Glow and backed off about half. I’m learning that with the filters sometimes less is more.

Have you ever just had to pull of the road and take a picture????

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Digital Art Meme – Fair Food

Fair Midway Minnieapple Pie Impressions liquid lines I 100 pct

I am continuing on the Tulsa State Fair from my visit Sunday. I love the colorful food trailers at the fair. I am not a big fan of fair food but I do love the sights.  Has anybody ever tried the world famous, as seen on the Food Network, original Minneapple Pie? If you have tell us about it.

I used Topaz Impressions on this. I have now joined the Photoshop world. Son is taking a computer graphics class at school so I figure he can teach me how to use it. I’m really interested in learning about layers and using textures and such. I’ll keep you posted.

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Digital Art Meme – A Vintage Chevy down the Street

Chevy Truck - Impressions Abstractions 56 pct

During an evening dog walk we found this 1960’s model Chevy pickup parked down the street from us. I had not seen it before and with Tennessee plates I don’t know if it is going to be here permanently or not. I think it is a beauty.

I used the Abstract I filter of Topaz Impressions backed off to 56 pct.

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Digital Art – Carousel

Carousel Woodland Hills Glow Dayglow

Carousels have always both fascinated and scared me a little. They are such overwhelming machines with lights and movement. I have tried to capture that here on a carousel in our local mall. My tools of choice were Topaz Labs Glow and Adjust tools to kind of amp things up a little bit. The result is more what I see at a carousel than what the camera shows is there.

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Digital Art – Quonset Hut

Clinton Quonset Hut

I found a quonset hut in downtown Clinton, Oklahoma during a walk there a couple weeks ago. Of course wanting to improve on mother nature I ran it through Topaz Labs Impressions program and decided I liked their “Cave Dweller I” filter. It made the beautiful blue Oklahoma sky kind of this reddish, purplish, orange thing but hey I kind of like it that way. There is something about quonset huts that begs photographers to take their picture. They are so simple geometrically and they usually have the nice rusty patina to go along with them.

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Digital Art Meme – Oklahoma Rock on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain

Oklahoma Rock Topaz Glow Whisker Wires

The Oklahoma Rock is a landmark deep into Turkey Mountain. If you haven’t found it yet, and it is not hard to find, then you really haven’t had the full Turkey Mountain experience. Lots of legends about this rock. One or two of them might be true. Otherwise you have to believe that the Native Americans here before the arrival of the white people already knew what the state would look like.

It is also part of a popular geocache. It is an offset cache where you go so many feet from the rock in the direction that the rock is pointing. That’s great except the rock has been pushed over and propped back up so many times that that doesn’t work. I found it by searching in an arc of the required distance around the rock. Even then it took me several tries.

Fortunately for us Oklahoma Rock fans it is not on the property proposed for an outlet mall. At least for now.

I ran the photo through Topaz Glow. I have seven days left on my free trial. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to buy it or not. They should just let you use it for free until you decide to pay it. Don’t you think?

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Digital Arts Meme – Winter Woods

Oxley Nature Center Topaz Glow Highlighter Bold I

On a cold windy last Sunday, son and I went on hike through some woods in a park on the  north side of Tulsa. The dense woods blocked the wind on the ground, but the darkness plus the sound of the wind howling

through the tops of the trees made it seem pretty darn spooky on the ground. I used Topaz Labs Glow program to emphasize the spookiness of the setting.

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