Kehinde Wiley’s new Painting at Philbrook

I was running around at lunch Thursday and decided to pop in to the Philbrook Museum to check out their new acquisition of Kehinde Wiley’s “Equestrian Portrait of King Philip IV.” I’ve seen several photographs of it but you know, with paintings you really have to be be there. The painting is huge. It takes […]

Shadow Shot Sunday – Shadows on Philbrook Museum’s Patio

I went to Philbrook Museum of Art earlier this week at lunch. We have a membership there, courtesy of the world’s best MIL so I can pop in when ever I want. Anyway I breezed through the galleries and went outside but didn’t go tour the gardens since I was short of time so I […]

Fall Foliage at Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum

Sunday afternoon, after setting the DVR for the Dallas Cowboys game, son Logan and I headed off for an outing at Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art. I wasn’t interested in the art on this trip as I was the gardens of museum. They have spectacular gardens and there is something to see in them all […]

My World – Cheech Marin’s Chicano Art Collection at Philbrook Museum

Friday was my day off and I went to Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum to check out the recently opened exhibition of a selection of Cheech Marin’s collection of Chicano Art.  Marin is of course half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong. Who knew that he had a world famous collection of Chicano Art? It is […]

Our World – Philbrook Gardens in the Winter

Saturday I dropped the kid off for his Comedy Improv Class and headed up to the Philbrook Museum to walk around a little while. It was their free second saturday promotion going on inside so I went outside to the gardens  to get a little air and breathing room. I went to the bottom of […]

Improv Skywatch -Philbrook Style

That kid of mine, he sure spends a lot of time at Clark Theater here in Tulsa. He is in production on a play and is also participating in Clark’s, Laughing Matter Improv, Fortunately, thanks to the worlds greatest MIL, Nana, I can go to nearby Philbrook Museum of Art, with my camera and snap […]

Skywatch Friday – Villa Philbrook Spring Sky

One of my favorite spots in Tulsa is the Philbrook Museum of Art. It is not only a great museum it has wonderful gardens. So last week I was out there taking pictures of daffodils and I took this tilted photo of Villa Philbrook and a twisted gnarly tree and a big dramatic sky. I’m linking with […]