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Goodbye Ginger


We said goodbye to our sweet little dachsund mix Ginger today. She lived a long time and was well loved but she had multiple ailments.


She was always all-in when it came to family activities.


And she always had something to say about a lot of things.


And she put up with a lot!!


We miss you Ginger and will never forget you!!

Christmas Critters

We have four critters at the house these days. I mean not counting the squirrels in the back yard. Three dogs and a cat. The last couple days I posted pictures of them on Instagram in a kind of popularity contest to see who could get the most likes.  The contestants and the votes so far?


This is Ginger, our sweet Dachsund mix rescue dog. As of Monday night she had 26 likes.

Rascal the Christmas Pom

This is Rascal, our sweet lovable Pomeranian mix who just showed up at our house. We tried really hard for about a half hour to find his owner. He is the leader as of Monday night at 30 likes.

Abigail the Christmas Dog

This is Abigail our sweet Shi-Tzu Maltese mix who was given to us by a breeder. She loves to eat and also likes a pillow when she sleeps. She is at 25 likes.

LJ the Christmas Cat


This is LJ, Logan’s cat (LJ is short of “Logan Junior”) he has 14 likes but I didn’t post his pic until a day after the others.

We are keeping all four the critters regardless of what happens.

What about you? Tell us about your critters.

ABC Wednesday – Today is D

The letter for ABC Wednesday is “D”

So I’m saying D is for Dogs!


Those are good Dogs, but not what I really meant.


From left to right, meet Ginger, Abby, and Rascal being tended to by a long suffering Washington Irving. Rascal is kind of hard to see. You know how hard it is to photograph a black dog. Lets try this:


Yes, Rascal does have a face.

ABC Wednesday

Pancakes, more pancakes, bike riding, getting stalked, and puppy love

A lot has been going on lately. It is hard to keep up with it all.

First up is it is United Way season. The Yogi’s are big supporters of United Way and so is my employer. Thursday they had their Pancake Breakfast. I’m always up for pancakes! Here is the lineup of this year’s cooks.


What a fine looking crew, left to right, there is Dave (my boss) his pancakes were great, his boss Bob (his pancakes were even better), Steve (Co-worker), and Mike. The lady at the end is fellow geocacher Teresa (“Mommakiss”). $5 for all you can eat. The place was packed. I think they made a lot of money. The event was organized by another fellow geocacher Linda. Great job Linda!

I converted both Linda and Teresa to geocaching. I witnessed to them and gave my testimony and they saw the light. I walked them right up to the altar of their first geocache and they have been faithful witnesses to the Department of Defense Satellites encircling the globe emitting their steady dependable signals that enable us to find old M&M tubes hidden in the shrubbery of abandoned Wendy’s restaurants.

Friday was the start of a three day weekend. My employer has gone to an optional 9-80 work week so Sweetie and I had a big day planned. We dropped her car off to get fixed, then we dropped the kid off at school. We drove downtown to meet with our attorney. No we are not suing you, yet. Don’t make me mad though, our attorney is a mad dog.

We were hungry after all that legal stuff so Sweetie and I hoofed it over to the Blue Dome Diner. Tulsa blogger Bill Miller posted about it recently and I had to go try it. Sweetie and I each had the blueberry walnut pancakes. I ordered three, Sweetie, one. I followed Bill’s example though and ate only half and took the other half home. The pancakes are wonderful! (Sorry for the out of focus photograph.)


We waddled back to the car, went home and changed out of lawyering clothes and into our biking clothes and drove out to the river and rode a short ride of about 12 miles or so. I only got one photograph. (Sweetie will leave me if I don’t keep up!) It is of downtown Tulsa where I work. I had to wave at my coworkers still working. Don’t worry, next week they will have Friday off and they will be waving at me from the river.


Look at those big old fat fluffy clouds.I love them. They day was perfect. Temperature in the mid 80’s, a little breeze, and low humidity. I was in heaven! The sun was straight overhead so all the trees had perfect little round shadows underneath them. What a day off!

It came time to go to Quik Trip get something to drink and then pick up the kid from school, the car from the shop, and go home. This is where I found out I’m getting stalked.

There was this waiting for me in the mailbox at home.


I think it is a little ominous, don’t you? Anybody have any ideas who this could be. Sweetie says it is my fellow blogger Baloney. Couldn’t be, could it?  She’s my friend. We went dancing last week! Go check her out, let me know what you think. Is she the one or not? I sent her something earlier this week. It was real nice.

Don’t laugh. It’s a poop cache. They are very rare.

Then it was time to go check on Nana. She is recovering nicely from her broken leg and will be and running around Dress Barn again in no time. We took our two mutts Ginger and Abby because they like to play with Nana’s Fiona. After the playing it was cuddling time.


Ginger is on the right, Fiona on the left, Abby is the white blur behind Fiona. We couldn’t get all their faces in the picture. They are friends but not that good of friends.

By then I was worn out. I made the most of my day off don’t you think. And I’ve got two whole days to go this weekend!

Bike Rides, a Dog Park and Other Amenities

Last night Sweetie and I went bike riding afer stashing SuperPizzaBoy and his buddy Nicholas playing with the Wii at Nana’s house. We got off to a late start and only did about 13 miles. I had my camera but I didn’t take too many pictures. Sweetie will leave me if dally, so best just to keep moving.

The end of our ride was a loop around Hunter Park in South Tulsa. The newly opened dog park was there and it was busy!


They have two enclosures. Pictured is the large dogs, off to the left, out of the picture, is one for small dogs. Sweetie and I agreed that we are going to grab our two mutts, Ginger and Abigail, and Nana’s dog, Fiona and take them. This looks like great fun.

Is there anybody out there familiar with dog parks? If so, please tell us a little something about them. They look like a blast.

Speaking of dogs, I found the following while running on the river earlier this week. Tulsa is rebuilding many of the river trails and I’m glad they are thinking of our four legged friends. I think this is a wonderful idea. I had never seen anything like that.


Have you seen something cool for dogs or other pets? I would like to hear about it.

Easter Weekend Happenings

Whirlwind Easter Weekend. Saturday SuperPizzaBoy and I were by ourselves most of the day. I had taxes to do but the weather was too nice, plus I had a brand spanking new Garmin Nuvi 500 crossover GPSr that needed a workout, so we went Geocaching! Found two, one in east Tulsa took an hour to hike to and then find. SPB got a little tired of that one.

First two ticks of the season. One for him, and one for me. So we are tied!!!!

Then Sweetie and Nana made it up from Antlers with Nana’s two kittys. Meet Gypsy (calico) and Piwacket (“Wackycat”). They are spending their time getting acclimated to Nana’s new house in Broken Arrow. Gypsy was nervous and moved into Piwacket’s crate, Wacky wasn’t too happy about that. Move in is later this week! Got to meet one of Nana’s new neighbors also.

Sunday night dinner, Yogi cooked his specialty fried chicken. Hadn’t cooked it in about 15 years. It took me a little to get the hang of it again but everybody said it was pretty good. Sweetie says that I can cook it for Mother’s day. I think I will!!

The drumstick on the left tasted better than it looks.

Then a cut throat game of Farkle. A very fun game with 6 dice that I got as a birthday present. Its fun. But I never win!!! What’s up!!

Oh yeah, and I finished the taxes.

Christmas 2008

Every year it seems like there is a theme for Christmas in the Yogi family. This is not a theme that is thought out beforehand. It just kind of happens on its own. This year was the year for critters. The Yogi family loves dogs and cats. We have two, Ginger and Abigail, and one, Chrissy, respectively. Sweeties Mom, Nana loves critters also she has Fiona, a shi-tzu.

Well this year we each added one animal. So we went from a combined four animals to six. SuperPizzaBoy got a kitten, yet to be named and Nana rescued a black lab – hound dog puppy named Snowflake. He is a loveable pupply, all legs, who is getting along well with the other dogs.

Below is Sweetie, SPB, and Nana with Snowflake.

Sweetie and I took all the mutts on a walk Christmas Eve. Snowflake ran out of gas and then got cold when I was carrying him back so I got to do the kangaroo thing with her. She really liked it.

Here is SPB with the yet to be named male kitten. He also got videogames, books, bakugans, bionicles, a digital camera, and other stuff but he said the kitten was his favorite.

Below are the two new critters together.

We have a giant Maine Coon cat named Chrissy. She isn’t quite sure of what to think of the new cat. I just hope that she doesn’t sit on it.

I for one am having Christmas hangover. Too much food, not enough sleep, too many animals. What a zoo.
Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Little Dixie Christmas Party

This has been the year for Christmas Parties for the Yogi family. We have had several. Some years we don’t have any. Last weekend we journeyed down to Nana’s house to attend her Christmas Party. A good time was had by all. For me the best part of a party is when most everybody is gone except for a few. Then you can do things that are hard to do during the party.
Here is a picture of the “remnant.” Time for the post party!

Time to make, and drink, chocolate martinis. Sweetie is getting good at them. Note the “real” half and half. Lots and lots of fat grams!
And I can put on my favorite and most comfortable shoes. Sweetie hates them. I don’t think that Nana likes them too much either. But they are very comfortable. You can get your pair here.

A dog breeder friend of Nana’s brought over a $2300 maltese puppy. Sweetie fell in love with it. Made me kind of nervous. She gave it back though. Sweetie is going to make do with our two mutts.

Post Post party photo. Where is SuperPizzaBoy? He might have been taking the picture. Notice my favorite hat. A Dallas Cowboys Santa Hat. Sweetie gave it to me so I wouldn’t wear my Antlers Bearcats hat. She doesn’t show any pride in her school so I have to wear the hat. Except now I have my Cowboys hat.

Road Trip to Tahlequah – Cherokee Heritage Center

My Dad, Gramps, is in town visiting us for Thanksgiving. He is really into history and art type stuff so over the years we have taken him to the Gilcrease Museum, Philbrook, Woolaroc, the Oklahoma History Center and the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, the Chisolm Trail museum in Duncan, and several other places that I have forgotten about. So yesterday we traveled down to Tahlequah to check out the Cherokee Heritage Center.

It is very cool, we enjoyed it very much, and I recommend it to anybody. They have a museum that had a temporary exhibit on some very intricate beadwork. The exhibit that blew me away was the display about the double dealing and thievery by white people prior to the Trail of Tears where the Cherokee, along with other tribes, were removed from their lands in the east to Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma. It was a very brutal process.

Before we left Gramps made friends with out two mutts Ginger and Abbey.

It was a great day. We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t look for any geocaches though.

Cat Whisperer

The Yogi household came into a pet trimming kit. You can read the article to know how it works and to know what the experience was like. We also have a huge Maine Coon cat named Chrissy. Chrissy is huge. She probably weighs close to 20 pounds. She has a big old shaggy fur coat to match.

Sweetie decided it was time to trim the cat. We were a little apprehensive. When a cat that bigs doesn’t want to do something then it probably isn’t going to happen.

When I was a kid the family had a cat named Tiger. When we took Tiger to the vet we all wore leather gloves. Tiger was the neighborhood Romeo. Back then people put their cats outside at night. So they cats, catted around, including Tiger. Sometimes he would be gone for several days, when he came back sometimes he would pretty beat up and sick so we would take him to the vet.

The vet’s office wasn’t some sort of stylish cat specialty place like in south Tulsa. The vets we had mainly took care of big critters: cows, sheep, and horses and the occasional rancher’s kid. The decor was washed down concrete and painted cinderblock. The vet always wanted to take Tiger’s temperature. It wasn’t a thermometer that you put under his tongue. It went in the other end. She would pick the instrument up and the fur would just float off the cat and he would tense up stiff as a board.

That was the cue for me and my brother to grab her. The key was to get a good initial hold. If you slipped you were in for the fight of your life, maybe for your life. If we didn’t get a good hold on him and he thought he had a chance to get away he would go berserk and it would be almst impossible to hold him. It could get pretty bloody if you didn’t have the proper protective gear. I always wondered why we had to take his temperature. Why couldn’t you just feel his forehead or something. All we wanted was the antiobiotics. We didn’t need all the drama beforehand. I never thought of such things when I was kid though. I didn’t much thinking of any kind.

Anyway, I ran out to the garage to get the gloves. I got my camera and I stood off a good distance before the shearing started.

Sweetie did the honors which was fine with me.

We were both surprised. The cat liked it. I figured that the electric clippers would make her go berserk. She actually seemed to like it and started purring. As you can see from the pictures below, she was totally relaxed during the process.

Sweetie was able to get a lot done before Chrissy had enough. She looks a whole lot better and seems to be more comfortable. Sweetie has had another session or two with Chrissy and everything is still going good.

Chrissy relaxing after her haircut.